The disappearance of the Special Committees

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  • ShirleyW

    Pete - THanks for the example of a Special Committee, no different than what "the world" does when the JWs points there fingers at the other religions and their shortcomings, no difference at all, matter of fact, I think the JWs are worse since they knock on doors with their pompous attitude thinking they're the only true religion on the planet - SMH

  • smiddy

    Surely shirleyW the witnesses could be far worse than other major religions simply because they are such a small sect yet the numbers of abuse world wide seems to outstrip the ratio of abuse of other religions.

    Google crimes committed by Jehovahs Witnesses .

  • Vidiot

    "Special committees" just muddied the waters; dropping them helped streamline the enforcement of WT rules, and helped ensure conformity.

    Upholding the occasional unjust disfellowshipping would have been considered acceptable collateral damage.

  • dozy

    As far as I know special committees (SC) still are around. We had one which disbanded the body of elders in our congregation after a lot of in-fighting , politics etc made it impossible for them to continue - basically the SC disbanded the whole body ( apart from an old elder in his 90's who basically was an elder in name only ) & replaced them with some from neighbouring congregations. I got the impression they were pretty ruthless & took their orders directly from the Branch.

    Members tend to be long term Society loyalists - the kind who always are giving talks at the conventions - with a few COs & DOs thrown in. A relative of mine was on one but sadly he never divulged what he did - one of the very few elders I knew that kept confidentiality.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    It is very rare that the Appeal Committee disagrees with the original Committee, but it does happen. You tell the person some BS statement that Clarification is needed by the Branch, and we will get back with you on our decision. Then the Branch will consider both Committees findings and render a decision.

    By the way, In 21 years of serving and probably serving on some 100 Hearings, never had one Appealed. We thoroughly had the facts, previous Council given, stacks of WT articles and Scriptures to that situation (Whether it applied Or not), sort of a Bully tactic because of your position.

    On some earlier posts of mine, I mentioned some of my regrets and steps I took to correct it

  • Hecce

    Thanks Dozy and James Jack


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