i was called on this morning

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  • Vidiot
    stan livedeath- “…she asked what i was an apostate to…”

    “Well… watcha got?”

  • iloowy.goowy

    Now JWD/JWN is more like JWDF that is Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum. N'est ce pas ?

  • LongHairGal


    I suppose it is up to each individual, but I didn’t refer to myself as an ‘apostate’ to the JWs who came by last summer.

    The word might sound like the ‘boogeyman’ to some paranoid Witnesses who look under their beds at night fearful an apostate might be there.🤣

    I simply told them that I was glad I never followed the religion’s bad advice years ago and how I’m Glad to not be around them now.

  • NotFormer

    At the door I usually tell them "I am not what you would call 'an apostate'". Which is true; I've not so much as set foot inside a Kingdom Hall*, all my life. Whether they believe me or not is up in the air. I'm still probably "an opposer" to them.** And I'm obviously informed by "apostates" as to how I get my knowledge of their inner workings.

    *This is true in a rhetorical sense. I once poked my head inside a Kingdom Hall after a meeting had finished, out of curiosity***. I was on my way somewhere else, interestingly after attending a child's birthday party. I've never attended an actual meeting in a Kingdom Hall.

    ** Is that an equally scary term, or does it make them more cranky than fearful?

    *** It didn't strike me as being markedly different from the average small Pentecostal church, aesthetically speaking.

  • moomanchu
    AudeSapere Thank you, interesting.
  • Ron.W.

    Used to see lots of jw's on the ministry as I drove around while at work,

    Haven't seen any doing that slow ministry walk for ages!

  • Phizzy

    The "Pioneer Shuffle" ! yea, I used to spot J.W's doing that when I was driving around the Country for work, years ago.

  • Foolednomore

    I worked with a pioneer who would just tap on the door. But when I knocked on the door, which I was advised about. And being a former military police officer, woke people up.

  • TonusOH

    I would have simply said no thanks and closed the door. But I would not have an issue with identifying myself as an apostate. It gets the point across quickly and clearly (except, apparently, when the JW is clueless!). It's the one way to reduce the odds that they will ever knock on your door again.

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