Is burying someone on a golf course tacky?

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Given land and money a private cemetery is a good idea. Here you need a half section (320 acres). I have visited some from curiosity. The old affluent neighborhood ( mansions, large homes with carriage houses)we worked in service has gravestones from long gone and unrelated people in backyards on city lots.

    As for Trump, people want to pee on graves, vandalize them, dig souvenirs, and a few idolize him. Best to control it.

  • GabeAthouse

    Given land and money a private cemetery is a good idea.

    Its not exactly a private cemetery. It's his golf club. I can picture some errant drive and the drunk companions excitedly debating whether its gonna hit Trumps golden mausoleum and obelisk.

    Also, aside from the potential tax break, being a cemetery will supposedly protect the golf course from being seized in case of bankruptcy. (which the majority of his ventures have had the tendency to fall into).

  • Simon

    Up to what they want - it's their family & their land. One thing I know for sure is that reality probably doesn't match what has been reported.

    If it was "upright, sticking out of the 9th hole" I think it would be odd.

  • jwundubbed

    In the United States, in most states you can bury people on private property if you get permission from your local county or city office first.

    Personally, I think its fine if that is what the person would have wanted. I have no idea what the late Mrs. Ex-Trump would have wanted. I would hope that her family was doing this to respect her last wishes.

  • waton

    you would certainly enterre ashes wherever you liked. I am all for private burial grounds it is biblical. harmless.

  • GabeAthouse

    I would hope that her family was doing this to respect her last wishes.

    I'm sure her last wishes were to be buried on her 35 years ago ex-husbands golf course.

  • punkofnice

    I don't suppose they're complaining.

  • HiddlesWife

    That looks REALLY MACABRE. He and his children could have--if they REALLY CARED--placed her within a cemetery where famous/notable persons are buried. Plus, Trump undoubtedly has enough $$$$$ to have placed her in a mausoleum. IMPHO, his thoughts were not good! 🤨

  • MeanMrMustard

    Does anyone know what the arrangements were here? My guess is that nobody knows. But normally as you get older, you start to plan this out, especially if you have a significant amount of assets.

    Are we really going with the mainstream idea that she died, and it was left up to Donald? There were no documents, nothing? and Trump was like : "Meh, put her on the golf course, since she died and left me with complete control. Oh and it would be a great tax break!" Is that really the narrative you want to go with? Because it's fucking retarded.

  • GabeAthouse

    tell me your alternate narrative.

    She stated in her will "I, Ivana Maria Trump, being of sound mind, declare it my wish that I be laid rest over where those shrubs are near the sand trap on hole 7 at my ex husbands golf course" ?

    No, I dont think it was left up to Donald. It was left up to the kids. Donald just pitched the idea and they went along, because, of course they did.

    "But every break counts, and the former president has previously designated the plot as a farm because some trees on the site are turned into mulch used for flower beds"

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