Serial Killers

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  • JackOliver

    Hey, a friend of mine asked me a question the other day. Okay here it is. Why are virtually all the serial killers white. Anyone have an answer for this?


  • Sentinel

    Jack, ...maybe, because the Black serial killers are so slick, they haven't been identified or caught yet.

    Good question. I've thought about that very same thing myself. I've read lots of crime/law/court etc. material relating to serial killers, and find it intreguing the way their minds work, the clues they leave behind. But, it's always been a white man or woman that I read about, or hear about.

    Hope you get more replies. This good thread should promote some interesting thoughts.

  • caligirl

    The snipers who went through DC last year were not white. I agree though that the vast majority are.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I always thought Captain Crunch looked a little psycho in that navy get up. But who would have thought he would have turned to murder? Oh well ... snap, crackle pop.

  • Sentinel

    Caligirl: The Snipers in our area last year have not been classified as Serial Killers.

    They are Terrorists, which is a whole other category.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Some sources quote between 16-20% of serial killers are black. The FBI classifies Hispanic serial killers in a sub-category of white, thusly puttting the whole of white serial killers higher. Here are a few memorable black serial killer names I can remember:

    Carlton Gary

    Henry Louis Wallace

    The Atlanta child murders guy (Williams?)

    George Russell (near Seattle, featured in Jack Olsen’s book “Charmer”)

    A very interesting site about to read about one of these is:

    Country "I'm watching you" Girl

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