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  • rocketman

    Thanks Kep!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    I wish Beck would come back and masticate the english language again with her kiwi accent.

    Bick Milbun !! Kim Beck!!

  • PopeOfEruke

    Actually, maybe we should first check with Simon :

    If someone VOLUNTARILY disassociates themselves from the forum, are the active forum members in good standing still able to talk with them? Do we risk getting LOCKED?

    Then again, Beck has never FORMALLY disassociated but only "simply left" so I guess it may be OK to speak with her. Boy these rules are SO CONFUSING!!!!


  • OrbitingTheSun

    I miss Beck, too. Beck, when will we go home to Rotorua and play in the oh-so-pleasant air?

  • bikerchic

    onacruse and I were just talking about her the other day and wondered where she had gone. She was always a "breath of fresh air".........we miss you Beck!

    Wishing you well wherever you are.

    Katie and Craig

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hi All

    Good grief I couldn't even remember my password...its been forever since I've posted.

    Thank you Rocketman and all who posted....and for all those who didn't post - "I forgive you"

    There are so many posts I have to read to catch up on all the if I post on some very old threads, just grab me by the ear lobe and pull me along so that I learn to keep up with you all.

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello and that all is well in my neck of the woods (nick of tha wuuds for Refiners). My days of late have been spent driving Miss Daisy (our nickname for our mother) from one end of Victoria to the other. She has patted a kangaroo, had her photo taken with a koala, been for a train and tram ride in and around the city, observed how big spenders gamble at the casino, been shopping at the Vic Market and is slowly being convinced that worldly ex-dubbies are not so bad.

    I hope you are all well...I've missed everyone...I anticipate that I will be back to my usual posting frenzy in a few days.

    Prisca: thanks for the link *hugs*

    Kep: thanks bro, I'll call you over the weekend

    Ozzie: How you doing? I've decided that I like Lambruso better than Shiraz *ducks*

    DJ: offline life can get in the way of my duties as an online goddess sometimes

    Dan: I'm not usually an exhibitionist, just an overly enthusiastic gymnast

    Stinky/Robdar/Joy/Princess/Shera/Nikita/Vivamus/Orbiting: Its nice to know you gals are still posting...its been over a year since I started posting and knowing you're still out there is comforting. Stay cool my sisters.

    Refiners: You should hear me when I'm talking to my family or other'd get lost in all the short vowels and slang i'm so comfortable with - its hardcase LOL.

    Pope: Since I am simply 'inactive' and not formally disassociated, a shepherding call would be appropriate and perhaps some close monitoring of my 'attendance'...maybe I could study with a poster's wife who is in good standing on the forum...and later be entrusted with a few privileges like emptying the recycle bin for the body of administrators.


    To You All

    ~Beck~ add a big Hello and huggles to Brummie and Bikerchic

  • Brummie

    Heeeeeeeeeeey huggles bick ti you, gud to see you agin, even better to know all is well.


  • PopeOfEruke


    Bick is beck!!!!!


  • Beck_Melbourne

    Bick is beck!!!!!

    With a new collection of dry jokes just for you Pope


    ps....good to see your pussy is still smiling Brummie

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Pope, Refiner and Brummie at the sight of Bik upon her return!!

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