Utah Jehovah’s Witnesses church forced woman to listen to audio of her rape, lawsuit says

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think this is a new low for elders and their total lack of concern for people under their care. The Watchtower printing corporation has caused them to become almost totally unconcerned about the victims of abuse and the emotional pain they inflict upon the victim trying to make God's earthly organization happy.

  • jwleaks

    A recording of the rape of a minor in the possession of a body of elders. Sounds like criminal charges should be laid against the elders for possessing child exploitation material. If a copy was sent to Watchtower then they should be charged as well.

  • joe134cd

    You have just got to wonder how many are out there. This might possibly be the thing that ends them. The big boys at WT must know it.

  • smiddy

    She should be suing them for 300 Million $$$$$$


    Disgusting... This article should be sent to every institution currently investigating the charitable status of the WTBTS, and the Royal Commision in Australia.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    With all this bad publicity for the Wt corporation, lawyers are going to have a field day in court with all these lawsuits as the WT's reputation is being severely damaged with all these cases they are losing and now facing. They lost their credit, they got a shit load of lawsuits they are fighting. They are doomed no matter how much bull shit they can think up.

    They are going under fast, they will never recover from this no mater what lies they tell the rank and file or how much they shuffle real estate or how much slave labor they can muster and how many suckers they can get to donate.

  • zeb

    Why record this because he is a filthy vile depraved monster. why play it back to the victim because the wt elders are filthy vile and depraved as well.

    I hope against all hope that the case fully exposes them for all they are.

    The more of these cases that I see I am convinced of the scripture that says 'what is bent can never be straightened'. There will never be any time when the wt changes its tack.

    Playing the tape of the rape back to the victim... this fills me with such rage.. shoot the bastards.

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