$2,000 fine for not releasing files?

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  • Sergey Antonov
    Sergey Antonov

    Who has the information that the Governing Body is flying first class?

  • Bad_Wolf

    Here are some NY to Dubai first class seats for 20k. I can find even more expensive ones Morpheus. Fulano, have you?

  • ScenicViewer
    Who has the information that the Governing Body is flying first class?

    The link below is from JWSurvey and relates to a GB member flying business class, a step above first class.

    The link may not be clickable, in which case you'll need to copy and paste it into the address line of your browser.


  • _Morpheus
    The link below is from JWSurvey and relates to a GB member flying business class, a step above first class.
    False. I am constantly amazed at people who spout off nonsense as fact simply because they wish so bad for something to be so.. from a travel web site on why to fly buissness class over first class:

    You'll get almost the same amenities at a cheaper price. The services you receive in business class tend to vary depending on the airline and whether the flight is domestic or international. Still, there's no doubt that business class is nearly as luxurious as first, at a much more reasonable price point.

    they fly business class because its cheaper than first class, not because its a step above.

    @wolf, wow you really tried hard to find something to fit your redulious example, and i credit your commitment to being consistantly stubborn and wrong. However, i didnt say nobody would charge you 20k for a flight. I said it didnt cost that much. You could pay 20k for a cab ride accross the street if you dumb enough to pay it. Someone will take the money. Its not the going rate. 1 class to dubi runs 5k as i will prove with a ss.

    That, of course, misses the obvious point of it all: the gb dont fly first class. They wouldnt be flying from dubi to LA. It wouldnt cost 1/10 of what you claimed.

    your free to be a moron all day but dont be hurt or offended when its pointed out that your being a moron. Your dead wrong as its been shown over and over on every single point on this thread, including your main premise. It was 2k A DAY not 2k total. Retreat and foght another day.

  • dubstepped

    Is there any thread that can't be shit on here by nitpicking at details rather than discussing the actual point of a topic? It's pretty clear that the OP was just pointing out what small potatoes the fine is to an organization like that, and that they were facing it in general. You must be one miserable or insecure dude to jump into thread after thread, often muddying the point by trying to fact check everyone else.

    By the way, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, the word is ridiculous, not rediculous. Thread after thread is nearly unreadable as they are detailed by Mr. "Morphs law", which should actually be that in literally any thread Morpheus may jump in and make it about proving himself right in some small way instead of discussing the topic at hand.

    We all know "that guy" that sucks all the air out of a room when he enters, robbing it of free discussion because you're waiting on him to pounce. This is a great example. So much work going into making a nothing point. It's exhausting to read on here lately.

  • _Morpheus
    Is there any thread that can't be shit on here by nitpicking at details rather than discussing the actual point of a topic?


    also, and i know its hard for window cleaners to pay attention to multiple things at once, i addressed the substance (main point) of his post. Over and over i did. And over and over. You could do the same.... or not. Whatever floats your boat.

    It's exhausting to read on here lately.

    Seems an easy cure for that. I wonder if you will figure it out on your own....

  • dubstepped

    Oh geez, the window cleaner slam. That's not quite my business, and you should know since you're all about nitpicky bullshit.

    I think you determined what the main point was by taking over his thread. Flight costs for the GB are not the subject of the article linked nor the main part of the original post, though included. You then made it all about that one thing. Thus the talk of derailing the thread. The first two responses didn't seem so hung up on what you did.

    It seemed to be a use of hyperbole, like your butthurt comments recently on new boys thread about my mentions of my podcast. I could have shown how wrong you were but you're "that guy" I mentioned earlier. I believe in the last little bit Cofty said "fuck you" to you, snakes let you know how unpleasant you are, and here you go again. You march on to thread after thread and shit on them. Clearly that's your shtick.

    That last part was quite clever. You have the ability to be funny, dare I say witty. It's such a waste that it's all delivered in such a bitter and hateful way.

  • sparrowdown

    What "law" is it when you refer to an exjw as a "window cleaner" I wonder.

  • _Morpheus

    Sparrow, I believe your attempting to claim “morphs law”, and thats understandable, however in this case its unwarranted. Dub actually is a window cleaner. As he follows me to a thread, accuses me of getting off topic while ignoring that he is clearly not on topic, im sure there is a trash can not being emptied. You see, in a rather trite, sterotypical turn of events, dub is actually a janitor. I would imagine windows are involved.

    Dub, it lessons me as human and specifically as a forum participant to explain this, but let me condescend to your level for just a moment. You see, the op was nothing more than a bit of irrational anger at what the OP THOUGHT had been leveled at the watchtower bible and tract society over there refusal to turn over information requested during the discovery phase of a court case. As an aside this a little over a year old , im not sure why wolf is just now getting the memo.

    Thats said, he was wrong. He was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    It was 2k a day. A day. Not total. A day. I addressed that in every single one of my posts, although clearly you choose, in your rush to be offended by my posts, to ignore the fact that i addressed that in every single one of my posts.

    Did i make it clear that i addressed that in every single one of my posts?

    I also did indeed dissect his stupid ass claim that the 2k fine (and it wasnt just 2k it was 2k a day.... did i mention that already? ) was 1/10 of the cost of a first class plane ticket from NY to LA and gave numerous examples backing up my facts.

    The op was two sentences. I addressed them both over and over. Im not sure what you, with your obviously lacking reading compression skills , thought the topic was but hopefully i have helped you. I don’t highly regard the chances of that, but i have tried.

    As one last thought , I understand class and dignity arnt inherent to someone of your social status but you followed me to this thread and you addressed something that wasnt being addressed to you. That is tacky, crass and more than a little rude. If you dont find my posts interesting, please understand im not offended if you go find somewhere else to be stupid for a while.

  • dubstepped

    Lol at you poking at my social status. Keep reaching friend. I have a ton of friends, a happy marriage, and lack the dearth of joy you exhibit here.

    Typing at me about barging into a thread and addressing things not being addressed to me, by you, is rich. But what do I understand about the rich, right?

    Thanks for speaking to this commoner. You truly bless us all.

    Also, lol at Sparrow's comment. I thought the same.

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