5 Ways to Improve Your Online Security

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    On line security, hmmm. Last year I nearly lost the rights to a property I owned and was selling. Why? Nothing to do with modern on line security. On the day of completion my solicitor realized he hadn't got a form named " T1" signed with my signature. I had to search boxes of " junk" found it and E.P.S it. Yes even with " On Line Security" we need remember our most important security documents are often stored in a box in our cupboard.

  • Simon
    When Banking online, should a person hard connect directly to their router rather than using wireless?

    Wired is more likely to be secure than wireless but as long as you are using something up-to-date like WPA2 and not WEP you should be OK. Also good is restricting which clients can connect based on their MAC address. basically, you should know every device that's connecting to your network ... if you see something and don't know what it is, find out (authorize each device until they are all working)

    Even wired networks can have issues - plug a powerline adapter in for instance and be amazed at how easy it is to get access to your neighbours network if they happen to use one too and think it's "secure by default" (most things are set to be "convenient by default" so they work).

  • kairos

    i do no online banking.

    very secure method

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri


  • jwleaks

    How to crack the password on a typical JW not-too-smartphone and donate their entire savings to Watchtower in seven spirit inspired steps

    Step 1. Touch screen to activate password prompt

    Step 2. Type in the following four digit password number: 1914

    Step 3. Press enter

    Step 4. Touch bank account icon

    Step 5. Type in the following four digit bank password number: 1914

    Step 6. Transfer account balance to Watchtower

    Step 7. Sit back and observe the start of the great tribulation

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Thanks Simon, I made notations. A big help. :)

  • tornapart

    Simon.. I've tried to change my password on here for a more secure one. And can't. Could you tell us how we can do it please?

  • Dis-Member


    Using that is not a good idea.. most password hacks are done with what's called a dictionary attack: "A dictionary attack is a technique for defeating a cipher or authentication mechanism by trying to determine its decryption key or passphrase by trying hundreds or sometimes millions of likely possibilities, such as words in a dictionary. Passwords however random and apparently unique tested with web based password security programs can easily harvested and added to new 'dictionaries' for future use."

    https://www.lastpass.com/ works great.

    Yes it does, but is not guaranteed safe either. Lastpass is a cloud based service which means your trusting people you do not know with all the passwords to entire life. Never a good idea.

    Also Lastpass has already suffered a major hack. Twice!

    "In June 2015, LastPass admitted its database comprising of email addresses, server per user salts, password reminders and authentication hashes were hacked."


    And is not that hard to hack again if someone knows what they are doing..



    Even 2 two factor authentication is not guaranteed safe either. It's been proven to make you even less secure.

    Personally I would trust none of the above..

    If you insist on using a password manager 1Password might be a better option as your passwords and personal data are not uploaded to any remote servers and put in the hands of strangers but stay only on your machine..


  • LongHairGal


    Like you, I don't trust any of these cloud things either. It's just another data bank somewhere where God-knows-who, can and WILL get into!

    I remember reading somewhere that Snowden put certain things on pen & paper and never saved them electronically at all, not even on his own computer. I totally agree.

    Some might feel this is going backwards and don't want to be bothered looking for a scrap of paper. But, unfortunately, I do not have any faith in so-called safety and privacy on the internet and some things I would not even save electronically.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Dammit , I typed my email addresses into the 'have I been pwned' link you gave me, turns out all of them have! Patron, linkedin, Dropbox etc..

    Looks like I'll be changing every one of my passwords!

    Thanks for this post though, very informative..

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