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  • rocketman

    I brush and floss three times each day. On the last flossing of the day, I coat the floss with Listerine.

    My dentist advised twice per day flossing (I used to do it once) to prevent bacteria from getting under the gumline and eventually eating away at the bone. They took measurements and noticed some erosion of the gum line.

    I got myself into the habit of three flossings per day. A bit obssessive perhaps, but I'm extremely kissable now.

  • teenyuck

    Again, nevermind....

  • ballistic

    Of course, the new system's going to come along and either give us new teeth or take them all away like God will do with the tigers... I mean we wont need them anymore will we? Just like I don't care how much I polute the air - it can only make the end come quicker!

  • manon

    Brush with colgate total & baking soda with a soft bristle brush and floss everyday I prefer scope smooth mint mouthwash. I get a cleaning and a check up once every two years. Can't stand bad breath.

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