Criminal Charges against Jehovah's Witnesses for Trial Fraud!

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  • Atlantis

    Just in case this wasn't posted yet.

    Criminal Charges against Jehovah's Witnesses for Trial Fraud. (A video is provided on this same page.)

    Use google translate.,zeugen-jehovas-104.html

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    If those charges hold up in German court other countries (U.S., Austrailia, U.K., France, etc) should follow suit.

  • Listener

    It looks like the Watchtower's defence is that JWs can do what they want and they are just upholding bible principles. It's interesting because that it how the Government works. A citizen has the ability to do whatever they want but the Government establishes laws and imposes punishment on those breaking the law.

  • Finkelstein

    Members of a victim protection organization have filed criminal charges against leading members of Jehovah's Witnesses at the Police Headquarters in Stuttgart. The organization accuses the religious community of process fraud.

    The corresponding advertisement is available to the SWR. The victim protection organization "Jehovah's Witnesses Opfer Hilfe" accuses those responsible for the Christian fundamentalist religious community of trial fraud because they have deceived the authorities in court.
    The dropouts Bernd Bochow and Udo Obermayer justify the criminal charges, among other things, that the Jehovah's Witnesses put pressure on members, if they continue to keep in contact with dropouts. This violates the protection of marriage and family demanded by the Basic Law. In court, the Jehovah's Witnesses would have presented this differently.

    An organization like the Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany should not also have state privileges, said the representatives of "Jehovah's Witnesses Victim Aid" to the SWR. The dropout Bernd Bochow said: "If you look behind the scenes, what happened at the awarding of the corporation in Berlin, that was cheated there, then the question arises, whether the rule of law after all these years not just behind it looks."
    Jehovah's Witnesses reject allegations

    The German headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Selters in Hesse rejected the allegations against the SWR in writing. The Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany have so far been right in all cases in the issues in question. The members of Jehovah's Witnesses were also free to decide who they wanted to contact, whether they wanted to file a complaint with the police or what kind of medical treatment they were seeking. However, under the proviso that they, so literally, "implement the prescribed by the Bible scale."

    In addition, members of the Jehovah's Witnesses Victim Assistance claim that members of the religious community are pressured to accept blood transfusions in the event of life-threatening illnesses. In addition, sexual abuse within Zehovah's Witnesses is often not cleared up. In practice, despite all the public protestations of the Jehovah's Witness leadership, there is a provision according to which abuse will only be punished in the religious community if the victim can present a second eyewitness.
  • ScenicViewer
    ...members of the religious community are pressured to accept blood transfusions...

    Did Google Translate misfire here? Shouldn't it read that 'members of the religious community are pressured to reject blood transfusions?'

  • Finkelstein

    Your right SV good catch

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Don't expect to much. We need to wait on Jehova what happens next.

  • waton
    Don't expect to much

    cfl : wise observation.

    The headline "Criminal Charges" in an anglo-saxon environment might suggest a thorough investigation by the state attorneys has been done and a Charge, documents have been filed.

    As I understand, looking from a distance, "Anzeige" is not such a stage in a process.

    "Zeigen" is merely pointing out a possibly wrong action. here only more like
    Ziegen meckern.

    Not that the Wolf tactics of the power hungry wt structure from top to bottom is guilt free, but they have trained the flock to do wt's bidding voluntarily with cost born entirely by the sheep.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Everybody can file a "Anzeige" for nearly everything.

    It only means that they go to the police and act this way. So we have to look, how the police handle it.

    If the police look into it (they can also abadon it), then we need to look whats the outcome, the involvement of the court,...

    It's not such a big deal in my opinion.

  • TD

    Mitglieder w├╝rden unter Druck gesetzt, wenn sie im Falle lebensbedrohlicher Krankheiten Bluttransfusionen akzeptierten.

    "Members would be put under pressure if they accept blood transfusions in the event of life-threatening illnesses."

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