A POMO father's letter to his PIMI son (Warning: This is long!)

by Roger Kirkpatrick 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • HappyBlessedFree

    I know you so desperately want to wake your son up and I feel for you. If you haven’t sent the letter yet I would edit it down. I can truly relate to you. I am currently trying to wake my husband and at first threw everything at him, which doesn’t work, it’s just too much information to absorb. I now share one or two point per discussion.

    Convey your love for him, and one or two points. I pray your son will wake up.

  • smiddy3

    What`s that saying ? "you can`t lead a horse to water if it doesn`t want to drink"

    And you can`t wake a JW up if they are not ready for it.

    In my very early years as a JW I read the book "Thirty years a WatchTower Slave" and I brushed it off.

    About 30 years later I read Ray Franz book COC and brushed it off as a disgruntled nephew of Fred Franz.

    Another 3 years later I was on my way out.

    However it is a good letter and I hope it does produce the result you hope for as we all do here.

    At least seeds have been planted if he in fact does read it all.

  • Giordano

    Once again some of us missed the reason this was sent to his son. And why no mention was made about the pedophile problem. We didn't really know the extent of that issue.

    The Title tells us exactly what and why this letter was sent......years ago.

    A POMO father's letter to his PIMI son

    Do you get it now?

    Rodger Kurtpatrick the son in question joined this forum some two years ago. He may have been POMO for years before that. In fact he offered up many of the points his father made in one of his earliest posts.

    Even though I read the title I was shocked at what his father said. I had it in my mind that his father was going to support the WTBTS no matter what. Because that always seems to be the case.

    Then I thought WOW.....then I re read the title and it became......... OH.

    We need to pay better attention people. The main reason we run off sincere people.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    I wouldn't add that. This is what we were taught by the WT, but almost all Christians of many different denominations will tell you just the opposite.

    The New Covenant that JESUS offered wasn't with a religion, it was with individuals who may find themselves in any number of the tens of thousands of Christian groups around the world.

    In fact, exclusivity is one of the prime identifying characteristics of a cult.

    Good point Sea Breeze. Your comment reminded me of the scripture at Matthew 18:20, where Jesus said the following about Christian fellowship.

    "For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them."

    He didn't say anything about having to be an organized brotherhood to be his followers.

  • slimboyfat

    Aha, okay, I admit I only skimmed the post. So the situation is not as it first appears?

    When offering such a long post I don’t think there is any harm giving some context and a short explanation of the meaning of the post.

    Understanding the full meaning only at the end may be satisfying, but how many will make it that far without knowing?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Beautiful, thought provoking letter Roger. I pray your son will be moved to reconsider his life.

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