I've been embarrassed so many times!

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  • Lostandfound

    At least bethel cared for him in his later years, unlike those it is spewing to the cold , unloving world

  • BluesBrother

    John Blaney stories are legendary in Britain. I have certainly heard the comments about his F/Ministry approach and calling himself a "Messenger of the King" from other reliable sources , so I am sure they are true. He was a District Servant in our area in my youth and his character was amazing.. one of a kind.

    I know he was an egotistical nutcase but he could certainly motivate.. and hold an audience in the palm of his hand. The org. would be a better and more exciting place if there were a few like him instead of the boring clones they produce these days.

    NB The opening post used the word embarrassed.. I contend that embarrassment is a state of our own mind and I refuse to succumb to it. What happens happens .. see the funny side!

  • steve2

    Ah such memories shaken loose by your OP!

    When I was in, feedback from local Witnesses was that I was too controlling of others with whom I went door-to-door - which actually was correct feedback. I was.

    My explanation was that often my companions went way beyond what even the organization said about the end times. At first, I simply tried to tone down their opinions by stating something like, "We cannot always be certain about [topic] but we can be guided by Scriptures such as [select a verse] and we try not to speculate about the details." Innocent, right? Not to my companions who even contradicted me on occasion in front of householders.

    Obviously I was a lot younger then (!) and looking back, I should have held my counsel and perhaps talked it over with the brothers. But it bothered me that householders were being told things that the organization itself was not saying so explicitly. Besides, some of my companions who were speculation-prone were elders!

    I did have a favorite sister in the door-to-door work who shared my concern about some of the ridiculous claims our fellow Witnesses were making to householders. Other than that, going door-to-door by myself helped me maintain my integrity and I knew I couldn't possibly upset the local dull-minded brothers and sisters.

  • carla

    You should ask non jw's their experience with jw's at the door but don't tell them you were a jw and you will get many amusing stories. If they know you were a jw will they will try to be respectful of your previous annoying habit and not tell you some stories. Once they get started!.... everyone has a story, "I had a jw at my door once and you wouldn't believe it!....." " I had a jehovah come to my door and....."

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    For many meetings, and since we had a large vehicle, we would pick up Dorothy, an elderly and mentally challenged sister. By the time we got to the Kingdom Hall our station wagon smelled like an outhouse. Those who went out in service with her reported that her personal hygiene was so bad they hated to accompany her to the door. I followed her (not too closely) into the hall one day and notice the crotch of her panty hose extended below the hem of her dress. (Reminds me of those "pants on the ground" thugs you see at shopping malls today.)

  • rebelfighter
    "carla25 minutes ago

    You should ask non jw's their experience with jw's at the door but don't tell them you were a jw and you will get many amusing stories."

    Never a JW I always had a very large Absolutely NO Soliciting sign at my front door since I worked from home. It was January, which happens to be my busiest month for IRS reports and year end business reports AND who rings the door bell? I answer the door with Can you all not read? We are not selling anything. One of them said maybe we could assist in someway or something of that nature. My response was just find me about 5 husbands because everything is breaking and I do not have time to deal with it and work. Boy did they leave in a hurry.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Embarrassment: 1976

    Householder: you are the same guy that knocked on my door two years ago, you told me my house will be a pile of charcoal.

    Brother: No not me sir, some friends ran ahead with that massage.

    Householder: No it was you, you are wearing the same polyester dark suit, and you told me the end will be here before 1976.

    Brother:thank you for your time, we must go. As the brother walks away he whisper to his young companion, we never waste time with goats.

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