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  • IMHO

    Why is it ok to look at naked pictures/videos of your wife/husband but porn if you look at another man/woman naked?

    If you happen to divorce your spouse is it then pornography if you look at naked/sex videos/pictures of them?

  • DJS

    If you've been on this site 10 years shouldn't you already have figured out this kind of stuff? WTF have you been doing for a decade, and why would you care what the DarkTower or any other brain dead high control cult or religion teaches about such things as porn or sex?

    Your mind should be free of such things by now.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Because ... Matthew 5:28. You might as well be asking:

    Why is it ok to have sex with your wife/husband but having sex with another man/woman is adultery/fornication?

  • jwleaks

    The word "pornography" starts with the letter "p" the same as the word "pagan." Both words also contain the letter "g" as the middle letter. This letter "g" is also the first letter in the title "god" as well as "governing body" and "guardians of doctrine." Hence the Bible condemns all things pagan and all forms of pornography.

    Are we not grateful that in the last days of this system of things god has revealed the us these gems of Bible truths to lead us on the right path towards everlasting life.


  • Hairtrigger

    Nope . It's exography. Nothing to do with porn. I'm assuming they don't turn yu on no more so you have "deadened" your member to the view. Isn't that what ole boy Paul said Hoboites are supposed to do!! GB should annoint you for it.

    That road ain't got no more curves or humps left to juice your motor on. Can't be no more "over see her " , on that circuit.

  • scratchme1010

    The way I see it, who the eff are they to tell me what to look at? I can do with my eyes whatever the eff I want.

  • DJS


    Ditto. In the early 90s I began despising the mind numbing control of the DarkTower and grew to despise its leaders even more. The closer I got to the center of the apple the more rotten the apple. Making rules, near rules, mini-me rules, kinda sorta rules, semi rules and walk, talk and sound like rules for every facet of our lives was the one thing that fueled my exit from this cult and its control of me and my little kids. Including the type of music we listened to, which was none of their fukking business.

    The following song, a classic, became my battle cry as I exited.

    My Prerogative. Enjoy

  • schnell

    I had someone tell me that porn is "demonic", and so is everything else.

    In fact, he also blamed all the bad reviews for movies like The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman on those reviewers being addicted to porn. His logic truly leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

  • Finkelstein

    Why is it ok to look at naked pictures/videos of your wife/husband but porn if you look at another man/woman naked?

    Who says its OK in JWland ?

    Sorry but if a JW man put up pictures/videos of his naked wife around his house or personal media devise, he would be eventually talked to by elders.

    If he didn't remove them he would be marked, certainly not given any postilions in the Congregation.

  • IMHO

    Wasn't talking here about putting them on 'public' display.

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