Serena Williams provocative with Beyoncé.

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  • Ruby456

    Serena was cheered on by Beyonce and JayZ who sat in the family box to watch her match - how cool is that?

  • Gargamel

    I'm not so sure about this. Even if she did leave the JWs some years ago, it's not so rare for her to believe that Jehovah is God's name and to have some indoctrination floating around inside her. Without research, all manner of unresolved half-beliefs can linger - sometimes for decades.

    The JWs, in spite of what they say, do not have a monopoly on the name Jehovah.

    I just think that there's plenty they can be nailed on without quoting someone who may not even be a member.

    Still, what do I care? :)

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