Its Tragic!! No-one remembers Regina Fong

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  • ScoobySnax

    She's gone.....and no-one seems to care, here's a couple of musical prompts to help you all.............

    1. The Typewriter Song (various artists)

    2. Tell me what he said (Helen Shapiro)

    3. Windmill in Old Amsterdam (Ronnie Hilton)

    4. And I am telling you..I'm not going (Jennifer Holiday)

    5. Skippy the Bush kangaroo (TV theme)

    And of course "her" theme tune...... "My heart belongs to Daddy" David Rose Orchestra........

    I'll miss you Regina Fong, you made me laugh so much till my sids hurt. R.I.P

  • ScoobySnax

    LOL , MY "SIDES" even.......... bless you Regina Fong.

  • Reborn2002


  • ScoobySnax

    R.E.G.I.N.A. F.O.N.G look it up on the net, try an get a pic of her.

  • minimus

    wasn't she the sister of Ho Chi Min, one of our posters, here??

  • Reborn2002

    I am quite capable of reading the name Scooby... no need to spell it out in caps for me. I am also quite aware of how to conduct a query on the internet via a search engine.

    I was being sarcastic.

    Can you comprehend sarcasm?

    May she R.I.P.

  • ScoobySnax

    No offense intended Reborn......... I hope "she" rests in peace too.

  • HoChiMin


    I won't tell anybody that Regina Fong was your lover.


  • foreword
    Skippy the Bush kangaroo

    Is that like the new White House mascot.......Couldn't they get a dog or cat like everyone else. Maybe because it's easier for a kangaroo to jump when you say "JUMP".

    Many musicians, I guess we all have our favorites, the ones which touched our soul will always be more appealing than others. Music can be nostalgic in that it can help bring back emotions we have experienced. Somewhat of a tool to relive experiences.

    So yes when our favorite musician dies, it can be tragic.

  • ScoobySnax
    ScoobySnax truthful what you say, musicians can touch our heart, and bring back so many past memories......... Truth be known though Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was just many in a line of songs that Regina Fong used in her act, oh I forgot to tell you she was a drag queen! I used to laugh my socks'n'rocks off whenever I went up to London to see her..........but you're right so many memories of good times!!! I'll miss "her"

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