New Publication (2014) "God Kingdom Rules" -- When Is It Studied At The Kingdom Hall?

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  • Littleleslie

    I just wanted to know, when do the JWs begin to study the 2014 publication called: "God's Kingdom Rule" at the local kingdom halls? (I heard it was going to be sometime in the month of September of 2016, this month.)

    Does anyone know?


  • bradford

    I have no clue but "studying" that book woke me up. Hopefully people really study the history and don't miss the glaring issues.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    ..."studying" that book woke me up.

    What about it woke you up?

  • bradford
    What about it woke you up?

    Actually dissecting the generation teaching in the first chapter. Technically I only got through the first chapter and moved on to Crisis of Conscience for chapter 2. I was "in" like blinders on "in" and the light just went off instantly. The flip flopping was clearly just a bunch of guys guessing.

  • freddo

    It is September and there is definitely a chapter on "the generation" which tries to "ex-Splane" the overlap. I hope a few wake up as they see it in print and go "WTF?"

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Week of September 19 - 25.


  • smiddy

    New publication 2014 " God`s Kingdom Rules " is now approximately 2 years out of date .

    Jehovah`s Witnesses studying this book need to ask themselves , am I studying new light or old light .?

    Is what I am studying today , going to be accepted as the truth , in a year , 2 years , or 5 years in the future.?

    On past expriences I wouldnt hold my breath

  • darkspilver

    St George of England

    Week of September 19 - 25.

    The publication's two letter code is 'kr'

    link to scan

  • Saename

    How do I access this letter coded kr? And this ch. 1 par. 1–10 is from this letter or from where? I kind of want to see how they explain the generation teaching...

  • fastJehu

    It is not a letter.

    It is the september meeting workbook

    They have this meeting workbook instead of the kingdom ministry.

    So the meeting workbooks tells the JWs, that in this week (in september) they have to study the book God`s Kingdom Rules (kr) ch. 1 par. 1–10

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