The mistranslation of John 14.10

by Wonderment 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Phizzy

    Just seen this from 3 years ago : " Phizzy- Are you suggesting that Jesus started more than one church? Probably others came with their own ideas, but that doesn't give them any credibility does it? "

    I am just wondering how we can have any way of judging which group has "credibility".

    Jesus was an itinerant preacher who obviously affected a number of people and groups of people.

    We cannot know if any one group was the first to organize themselves, or if others started at the same time as them.

    To rely on the Gospels, or Acts, as though they were reliable witnesses to this era is naive. And when we get to the Gospel of John, written late 1st Century at the earliest, we see many influences in the thinking and Theology of the writer that are far removed no doubt form the original teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. "John", whoever he was, certainly seems to be pushing the Divinity of Jesus, if not a full blown idea of a Trinity.

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