New African Statue in New York

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    So...Black people discovered fire??? What’s the point of this statue? Seems really racist. Why not have him holding a lantern at the end of a driveway...


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I’ve seen similar faces as a mask to keep evil away, the exaggerated features resemble central/East (deep) Africa.

    But the way this is used seems very inaccurate as if the artist had some idea about African culture but then completely missed the point and added a very western twist to it.

    Basically the artist saw “African art” in a local museum and thought that was how all African art was done, notwithstanding that the art he is attempting to imitate has nothing to do with slavery to the new world (West African and Arab slave traders wouldn’t cross half a continent through jungle and disease, they sold their own and nearby coastal population), he is imitating art from the wrong area of Africa.

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