Serving a cold dish of JW revenge (the punchline is at the end)

by Terry 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Terry

    Finklestein: Terry I found your revenge toward this woman immature and irresponsible.

    I can't argue with you on that!

    I had to grow out of passive aggressive behavior by learning to speak out and talk back.
    It took having to face off with the Draft Board, with the FBI, with police and prison guards to trigger my backbone. But - once I learned the 'art' of speaking up - I found life more substantial.

    A DIRECT confrontation is always better (if you can maintain comportment and civility).

    If I had it all to do over again (knowing what I now know) I'd say directly to Esther:

    "Sister, I'm here because I'm trying to learn how to be with people and have fun.
    I'm very shy.
    Gathering with my spiritual brothers and sisters SEEMED like an opportunity to learn in a SAFE place, in order to observe and gain confidence. I never dreamed I would be devalued for my social ignorance - if that's what you're trying to tell me. Is it? Is that your message to me?"

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