Looking for older article in Wtbts regarding “tigers teeth and claws” being designed for coconut husk removal.

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  • TD

    The October 8, 1982 issue of Awake! carried a series of articles on the subject. --Pretty embarrassing stuff


  • sir82

    That '82 Awake is just.....amazing.

    And just think - the level of writing is actually lower now. You wouldn't think that would be possible, but then again, it's almost impossible to underestimate the dearth of intelligence left at Bethel.

  • TD

    And just think - the level of writing is actually lower now.

    Yes. The '82 Awake! attempted to address the observations of men like George Romanes and Bertrand Russell. So despite how bad it was, there was obviously a backdrop of literacy involved.


    A tiger would not be a tiger if it tried to subsist on coconuts. It’s entire being would have to change because all those muscles and all that weight could not be maintained, no matter how many Coconuts it consumed.

    Every tiger would die from explosive diarrhea long before they could procreate.....

    Perhaps coconut used to be closer to perfection? They may have had a very high manna content? Yeah, that’s it…


  • sir82

    I was always impressed at the intelligent design of the cheetah. Some of those coconut trees move pretty fast.

  • fastJehu
    Funny this came up... The Memorial speaker went into detail about how the lion and bear will learn to eat straw, animals will all be at peace in the New System. All those years growing up, hearing that baloney, and never analyzing it beyond, 'cool, I want a pet tiger'. Now, listening to a grown man talk about lions and sheep being friends, I was slightly amused that anything else he said could be taken seriously.

    So the speaker was not aware of the actual WT-Study from this weekend.

    §15 says:

    15 Many who formerly displayed such animalistic qualities have changed for the better. This transformation was beautifully foretold in a Bible prophecy. (Read Isaiah 11:6, 7.) There we read about wild animals, such as wolves and lions, that live in peace with domestic animals, such as lambs and calves. Notice that this tranquil state of affairs will prevail “because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah.” (Isa. 11:9) Since animals cannot learn about Jehovah, the spiritual fulfillment of this prophecy applies to people.

    Source: https://wol.jw.org/de/wol/dsync/r10/lp-x/r1/lp-e/2018247#h=25

  • TD

    JW's have applied the restoration prophecies to human personalities as opposed to the habits of actual animals before, but it didn't take.

    A few years later the were pictures of lions eating alongside cattle in The Watchtower and it was if the saner interpretation had never happened.

    Maybe this time, they'll stick with it.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    If all animals were vegetarians prior to Adam and Eve sinning, that means God must have broken his own perfect rules and worked on his Sabbath to change the physiology of animals afterwards.

    Cut and pasted from Wikipedia....

    Obligate carnivores, or "true" carnivores, are those carnivores whose survival depends on nutrients which are found only in animal flesh. While obligate carnivores might be able to ingest small amounts of plant material, because of their evolution they lack the necessary physiology required to digest that plant matter. In fact, some obligate carnivorous mammals will only ever ingest vegetation for its specific use as an emetic to self-induce vomiting to rid itself of food that has upset its stomach.

    For instance, felids including the domestic cat are obligate carnivores requiring a diet of primarily animal flesh and organs.[5] Specifically, cats have high protein requirements and their metabolisms appear unable to synthesize certain essential nutrients (including retinol, arginine, taurine, and arachidonic acid), and thus, in nature, they can rely only on animal flesh as their diet to supply these nutrients.[6][7]- Wikipedia

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