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  • AverageJoe1

    I read John Redwood’s excellent article on but what was even more mind blowing for me was all the JW comments via DISQUS at the end of the article:

    They are all the typical lashing out comments based on emotion rather than logical reasoning along with the Watchtower apologists thrown in for good measure.

    If any of you have a disqus account, then I’d encourage you to have your say. I’ve replied to a number of those ridiculous posters but so far have not had a response. Maybe they think they’ve lost God’s favour since I pointed out that they were being disloyal to the Governing Body, erm I mean God, By commenting on there in the first place!

  • steve2

    I am intrigued that most of the comments on are by people defending JW organization. Surely it's a good sign that JW-friendly people are reading various sources, not just those "approved" by their Governing Body. However, these pro-JW writers need to understand that critical thinking skills trump reactive outrage.

  • sir82

    It is quite odd that there are so many JW defenders on that site.

    It's not hard to imagine, even for intellectually-challenged JWs, that a site named "AvoidJW" would be an "apostate" site that they are supposed to keep far, far away from.

    Then again, from the "depth" of their refutations, maybe the JWs commenting there are a step or 2 below "intellectually challenged".

  • notsurewheretogo

    Funnily enough there was that recent post on here detailing a YouTube channel of an Irish exJW who recently uploaded some good videos and I posted some comments and the amount of JW's on there arguing points against her uploaded video and arguing against my comments were surprising.

    How did they see her videos or get to know her channel? It seems a lot "lurk"..

  • steve2

    Looks like still-in JWs have urges to lurk-a lot. I wonder why.......

  • smiddy3

    I`m all for still in JW lurkers to investigate sites like this at least it shows some still have brain cells left to question what is being told to them and not blindly being obedient to following what "may not seem rational in a practical view but obey anyway" or words to that effect .

    I only hope lurkers (not a derogatory word ) keep searching / researching of what they believe and why they believe it and not just believing what some 7 men in America tell them to believe and obey without question whether they understand the reasons or not.

    Knowledge , Accurate knowledge leads to freedom from those who want to enslave us.

  • Xanthippe

    I love that the site administrator criticises your comments Joe and then tells everyone to look on jw.borg! He says it twice 😀

  • MrRoboto

    AverageJoe, I dont know how you can take it, my head hirts just reading the first page of comments!

    its really quite amazing the number of JWs that have a disqus acount and also have fond that post on avoidjw, I wonder if theres something more going on here... something more than just lurking.

    oh yeah and the site admin changing the link in one comment, twice - obviously from jw . org to jw.borg - hah! priceless - "remove direct link to Apostate web site." - too bad he missed some others in the other comments.

    im a firm believer in not helping the borg with their SEO.

  • Diogenesister

    The site admin is an exjw who changed the posts to jw.BORG posts so there is no direct link back to Its standard practice in most exjw forums or subs. The little message saying is an apostate website is tongue-in-cheek!

  • AverageJoe1


    I love that the site administrator criticises your comments Joe and then tells everyone to look on jw.borg! He says it twice

    The Site Admin is a good friend of mine. It was a JW loyalist (PIMI) that was criticising me!

    Yes, the JW.Borg changes were brilliant! ha ha

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