If You Told A JW That His Religion Was “False Religion “ What Would Be His Response?

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  • minimus

    Witnesses are used to saying that every other religion but their own makes up “false religion “....How would a devout Witness handle being labeled as a member of a false religion???

  • LV101

    A couple of them actually agreed with me (younger ones - late 20s) and made comments that the religion is all about control. Another one felt it was tough being a JW because god's people are targeted -- I mentioned to her that JWs are the annoying ones bothering people out in public and in their homes -- seriously! At least normal people are working hard raising their children to be decent, moral, hard-working, citizens, and not try to live off the system. I told her to make sure her girls received a solid education - lots of science classes. She agreed and more than once has asked me about good schools for her children and even colleges. The old JWs -- oh my -- not good mentioning anything religion.

    I have one employee -- a JW (and I don't hire JWs but didn't know) who has an air of superiority (being one of god's chosen few) and I told her the JW religion is false/total crazy. She told me some people need more than food, shelter, warmth, clothing -- I told her that her religion has brainwashed her about being 'truth' and poor work ethics and cheating on time (like she does) is stealing. Told her to visit other churches that follow Jesus or someone else that at least helps people.

    I hope people at the carts/doors are telling them the reality of their cult.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Without reading beyond the title

    So what is the true religion?

    Ball in your court again

  • Exelder

    Most JW's wouldn't even bother engaging in the conversation and the shutters would come down.

    Less faithful ones would probably try to defend it by default.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    He would likely label you an apostate and walk away ... end of discussion.

  • LV101

    In my experience, the younger ones listen. Actually, I've discussed JW horror with older ones that were quite aware and eyes half open. It's interesting but there are older/hard liners -- it's like walking a land mine.

  • Vidiot

    Hostility, maybe...

    ...if only because the accusation might be touching a nerve.



    ...about ten years back, Maclean's magazine - a Canadian news periodical similar to Time - printed an expose on the Vancouver JW sextuplet birth (there were transfusion issues), and one of the things they revealed was that many JWs who'd been interviewed anonymously had admitted that they were, in fact, afraid that it was indeed a "false religion"...

    ...but like many others, couldn't leave because of what they'd lose.

    I was surprised to discover this at the time, but I never forgot it.

  • LV101

    Interesting magazine article, Vidiot. Thanks for the share.

  • caves

    If You Told A JW That His Religion Was “False Religion “ What Would Be His Response?

    That I was "filled with 'satan' " and they would run away. Scared of the "satan in me", NOT because of their 'True religion'. True story!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    all religions are false--if they promote the idea of a man made excuse for their existence that occupies a hole in the sky.

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