Pull the Plug Already...

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  • megaboy
    I think big events can have different effects depending on how the leaders react. If someone uses it as a way to do a rebrand then yeah it can revive from the ashes, but even then there would need to be enough money to finaince a rebirth among the chaos that would insue.
  • LisaRose

    Something troubling happens in the organization. Brother Sheepy wonders about troubling information, but the idea that this means that this is not "the truth" is scary. Brother Sheepy would have to leave and loose all friends and family, possibly his employment. He would have to admit to non JW acquaintances that he made a huge mistake and has been wrong about everything. The cognitive dissonance is strong, the idea is unacceptable to him, so he reasons that it is just a trick of Satan, it must be a trick of Satan, the brothers said that would happen. It's far easier to grasp at that thin explanation than question everything you know, it's human nature.

    Even in cults where the leader made a specific date prediction that turned out not to be true, most people stayed. One group spent the night on a roof, convinced the end was going to happen. In the morning everyone got down off the roof and pretended nothing happened, most did not leave the group. That's why 1975 did not result in a mass exedus, but a trickling away over the next twenty years.

    You have to already be questioning for these things to have any effect. If you think back to your own questioning, did the first bit of suspect information cause you to go, or did it take some time? For me it was a number of things over a number of years, until one day I had an epiphany, a brilliant glimpse of the obvious, the Governing Body was just making stuff up, just like every other religion.

  • waton

    Think of a vessel where the plug has already been pulled, You could keep all the liquid from going down the drain! how?, vigorous one directional churning, never ending going around, water pinned against the vessel's, the org's walls . Wt is master at that keeping the jws busy. . You can have leaks, but the plug is already pulled, happened with the talking snake.

  • scratchme1010
    But because I am naturally curious I want to know from people who have more experience with JW structure why they seem to have a resistance to an event like this?

    My two cents. Many people concentrate in trying to reason and showing facts about doctrine, practices, legal lawsuits, things that they said before that now changed, etc, etc, etc. However, many people also fail to look at the most important part of why they don't react the way normal people should. They are attacking the effect, not the cause.

    If you look at the reasons why people are there, they may have nothing to do with doctrine, practices, legal practices, nor things that they claim. It is about what that organization made them feel. The doctrine, teachings and bullshit came after they were made feel something they like and were (and still are) holding on.

    Look at why people joined. Look at why people stay, and also look at us and ask why we left. Aside from people who have in fact become disappointed with the discrepancies in their teachings, there are others who have left for other reasons, such as:

    • boredom (the excitement about "the truth" is over)
    • being mistreated or betrayed
    • being shunned in spite of their best efforts to do the right thing
    • their system doesn't work (can't find suitable employment and Jehovah isn't providing as promised)
    • they still don't feel good about themselves (remember, some people join religions to stay out of trouble, running from abusive situations, or to stay sober or abstinent from drugs)

    There are many reasons why people join, stay and leave. That's what you need to find and address if you want to make them pay attention.

  • Wild_Thing

    It seems like people are leaving in droves right now and they are waking up. I think the ones that are still asleep are the ones that don't allow themselves to question, think, or satisfy their curiosity to look things up. I think a large number of people stay in out of feat of losing their family and friends and being shunned.

  • Onager

    The organisation could die... if the money ran out. Then the people would splinter into a million JW type sub groups, most of which would die out, but some could thrive and even grow larger than the original.

    As I said in another thread, the only pull-the-plug scenario that I can envisage to wake up all the people in the organisation in its current form is a direct, divine, planet wide revelation. God actually appearing in the sky to everyone on the planet and saying that the JW's are wrong.

  • steve2

    God appearing in the sky and announcing JWs are wrong? Disproportionate much. Of all things this God could appear and say....

    The level of hyperbolic reasoning hits new heights. 🙃

  • Onager

    Hi Steve2, can you suggest a proportionate scenario then?

    Remember we're not discussing the likelihood of this happening, it's a hypothetical scenario for waking up all JW's to the fact that the organisation is wrong.

  • steve2

    No - because I don't think there is one. Religious affiliation is barnacle-like.

    Besides, JWs would attribute God appearing in the sky denouncing them as a manifestation of Satan.

  • StarTrekAngel

    God appearing in the sky and announcing JWs are wrong...

    Doubt it... they will shun such God.

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