Jehovah's Witnesses PIMOs: Beware Of This Great & Present Danger!

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  • Golden4Altar

    Jehovah's Witnesses PIMOs: Beware Of This Great & Present Danger!

    To see the video that covers this topic, please click here:


  • Biahi

    For some reason, I don’t feel comfortable clicking this link. 🤷‍♀️

  • LV101

    "Curiosity killed the cat" -- no one has checked link out/WOW.

  • Listener

    Religion - 'It's a snare and a racket'

  • NotFormer

    How about you summarise what this clear and present danger is? No-one seems to trust the link.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent video!

    A little repetitive after the half way mark.

    Basically saying that he could not be true to himself as well as others as a PIMO. Better to lose your family than yourself/integrity.

  • Biahi

    Thanks, Vander, I was going to click on the link at the library…

  • Phizzy

    "Better to lose your family than yourself/integrity."

    That was the position I found myself in when I walked away, I could not be a hypocrite whatever the cost. It didn't pan out that bad at all, I was lucky !

    Of course, if you wish to "fade", as I did, there is Great and Present Danger for a year or too at least after you leave ! be careful out here !

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I watched the video and thought it was very well done. Like him I also realized that I had to make clean break from the witnesses no matter what the cost. I knew I'd go crazy if I tried to sit in a KH pretending to believe the BS they were teaching. I know for various reasons some have to stick around for a while pretending to believe but I feel that the goal should always be to get the point where you can leave and live an authentic life. It will wear you down both physically and mentally pretending be someone you are not.

  • ElderBerry
    It will wear you down both physically and mentally pretending be someone you are not.

    I have to disagree. I think PIMA is the best course.

    We all know the PIMIs have a great hope and this has many advantages. I can have those advantages while being agnostic. I can also have the other advantages of staying physically in. Good friends and great social life.

    Agnostics also have the advantage of not having the wool pulled over their eyes. We know the GB are wrong but they are doing what Br Jackson said at the ARC “ we see ourselves as trying to fulfill that role” he was talking about the faithful slave.

    Life is so much better being PIMA, I’m sitting on my lawn chair watching what’s going on with all the changes. Finding it all very interesting and enjoyable going to meetings with beards and sweaters

    Agnostic means the Bible may or may not be the word of God. Jesus was a real historical character and I feel it’s beneficial to study the Bible and live by Bible principles.

    When I’m on my deathbed I will feel no regrets having wasted my time being PIMA. I will be at peace either way. We just don’t know what happens after death the only to know is get there and see what happens.

    the new light means that if the Bibles promises of a resurrection are true then we will all get there unless we are apostate.

    I hope there is some truth to the Bible and this hope has a positive impact on me. The atheists could be right also and then you just die and that’s the end of it. Having a hope is better than no hope.

    have the view it Will be interesting even exiting to find out what happens after death

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