Dutch convention: disassociation in broader perspective

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  • Listener

    They used to say 'disfellowshipped' and they were portraying Sonya as having been df'd a number of years ago, therefore they used the old term.

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    Ah, that's right didn't think of that.

  • redpilltwice

    Steel, you wrote:

    I thought the shunning for inactive ones was just for people living amoral lifestyles.

    I believe that's true, but who will discern where to draw a line? I do not live an immoral life, but I still would scare the hell out of most jw's if they knew (and I can only assume they don't) that I'm attracted to agnosticism instead of organised religion, that I'm listening to heavy metal music, that I've visited a so called "healer" (see my topic "Did I open the gate to the realm of demons?") and that I'm a daily visitor of sites like these. That would make me some kind of philosophic, near-secular and spiritistic apostate, right? Enough reason for some good ol' WT shunning...only motivated by loyal love of course.

  • SAHS

    “Gorbatchov”: "We avoid any contact with dissassociated witnesses. Not only sinners, but in a broader perspective, also inactive witnesses".

    That is extremely shocking, to say the least! One can’t help asking oneself what Jesus, or his apostles, would say about that if only they could know how an organization supposedly representing his name would end up treating its followers.

    One word comes to mind: Pharisees! I’m sure that Jesus would have some very strong and poignant words for these modern-day Pharisees comprising the so-called “faithful and discreet slave” of the Watch Tower organization. Yes sir, he would really let them have it, I would imagine.

    How dare these Watch Tower buffoons deliberately and maliciously vilify their fellow Christians. They talk about “apostates” ‘beating their brothers,’ but, when you think of it, nobody ‘beats their brothers’ like the Watch Tower organization does!

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