I started my first " Mens Gym" session today

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  • smiddy

    I`m no fitness fanatic by any stretch of the imagination though throughout my life I have strived on & off (more often than not , off ) to maintain some level of fitness activity.

    I retired about 10 years ago and for the first few years I joined two table tennis clubs , social activity,though not anymore.

    And I have become more of a couch potato these past few years with the internet and netflix and the club as my main concern of activity if you can call it that ,and it has been bothering me ,so finally I did something about it.

    Only a few doors down from me is a Medical health Clinic with a gym that caters for seniors like myself , so I bit the bullet and joined up .

    And I`m proud of it.

    If it kills me in the process then I`ll die doing what I want to do at my age.

    sorry to bore you with this post ,but what did you expect a future Mr. Universe ?

  • jwleaks

    Good for you. Also consider getting yourself a bike and regularly doing the Esplanade Ride.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Brilliant smiddy, I have started to go to my local municipal gym two weeks ago. It's hard work though and I'm still waiting for the serotonins to kick in.

    Perhaps we should work out a schedule and back each other up when wavering.

  • zeb

    I do walks with camel-bak and walk poles. Just wonderful. On sunny days lots of folks are out doing the same. I always come home with one question in mind.... who invented Lycra?... not that it matters.

    The walks are splendid; see a fair bit of natures wild life too. Meet all sorts of people and 99.9% are positive.

  • smiddy

    jwleaks ,thanks for the suggestion , however I`m more into walking nowadays and as you know it is a pretty place to walk or ride around.

    Going across the lake on the foobridge to the 90 mile beach and walking to the entrance and back is also a good workout .

  • smiddy

    slidin Fast ,that sounds like a good idea , though like you I suppose wavering is not going to be on our agenda

    See ? I`m sending positive vibes already .What part of the world are you in ?

  • smiddy

    Zeb ,thats good to hear ,most people are friendly especially if you or they are walking a dog ,

    Pardon my ignorance but whats camel-bak ? and what part of the world are you in ?

  • jwleaks
    smiddy - Going across the lake on the foobridge to the 90 mile beach and walking to the entrance and back is also a good workout.

    The only reason I cross the footbridge is so I can sit down for a serve of fried whiting and chips.

  • smiddy

    jwleaks , let me know when you will be down this way again and we can have a coffee or beer together or if you prefer whiting & chips.

  • ssn587

    Am 68 workout daily with weights and do body weight workout with dips, approximately 2,000 of them a week, some weeks a lot more, only have dumbbells and two curl bars and 90-100,000lbs a day with them, workouts are 3-5 hours long. Makes me happy.

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