Calling all ExJW in New Zealand (and Australia)

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  • The Poetry Of Reality
    The Poetry Of Reality

    (I've also posted this on Reddit /r/ExJW)

    Mediaworks in New Zealand are working on a series on JWs and the Child Abuse issue.

    The people behind this project are keen to get support to change of the terms of reference for the upcoming New Zealand Royal Commission into Historical Abuse in State Care.

    We are asking that those who have been affected by sexual abuse, from the Watchtower, could show their support so that we can get the Commission to look at faith based institutions like the JWs - We are wanting signatures from all, male and female. Please download it, sign it, take a pic of it/scan it and PM it back to me on Reddit or email it to [email protected] Do keep the original safe in case we need it.

    Although it concerns New Zealand, they're also taking signed letters from ExJWs in Australia who have been effected. If you can get this to as many as possible it would be such a big help for this project.

    It will be kept in safe keeping and confidential and will be passed on to Mediaworks for their story. Full confidence guaranteed - No names will be used on the programs.

    We know this sort of thing could be triggering and very painful. We have an opportunity to make a statement, not only to the government but also to show to the WT is not clean or clear of the abuse that has affected many.

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    From the bottom of my heart I wish you every success in this noble en devour.

    We have had the CARC here in Australia(Children. Australian Royal Commission.) another inquiry is plodding along in the UK, but there is little news of it.

    A massive case a class Action against wt is going in Canada.

    When the US can look past hysteria and what the President had for dinner perhaps some thing similar might be created in the US.

    It befalls all who can help this inquiry to do so. If you see anything that could be even just a little bit useful or revealing to the NZARC then do not hesitate to fwd it on. Justice needs it and kids depend on it.

    If you are a current jw do so and keep your mouth SHUT as those around you will persecute you for what you do.

  • Simon

    Sorry, but no one should be sending scanned copies of their signatures to an anonymous account they found on the internet.

    By all means, pass on the request from the producers and people can contact them directly. There is NO need for any go-between IMO and it's simply creating a risk with zero benefit.

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