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  • Terry

    I was 11 years old and I was sitting at my desk in homeroom class when the student on my left, Gregory, tapped me on my shoulder.

    He held a folded note in his hand and was gesturing for me to take it. He leaned toward my desk and whispered barely loud enough for me to hear,
    “Pass this note to Robbie.” Robbie was the girl sitting on my right.

    I took the note, unfolded it and read it just as Gregory punched my arm. A shout-whisper came along with the fist,
    “Don’t read it, you moron!”
    I picked up my pencil and scribbled one word of my own and passed the note to Robbie.

    I had a crush on Robbie and so did Gregory Bunn. His note had read,
    “I really like you.” He signed it, “Greg”.
    I had added the word “don’t” making it read,
    “I really don’t like you.”

    I was, you see, acting in my own best interests. Gregory Bunn had sought to use me as his agent acting on his behalf as a go-between. Obviously, I had my own agenda.

    His 4-word message was 'technically' still there in the note:

    “I. . . really . . .like . . .you.”

    It was 100% transmitted!

    The problem (for Gregory) was the additional word,
    “don’t” had rendered his message 100% opposite of his intended communication!

    Imagine the conversation which followed.
    “Did you give her the note?”
    “Were all my words still there?”
    “Okay, thanks.”
    “You’re welcome!”

    Acting as an agent is tricky business if the agent corrupts the message--or worse--reverses the intended meaning!

    Is there a lesson in this? Hmmmm?

    The so-called Faithful and Discreet Slave has claimed to be Jehovah’s agent (mouthpiece, channel) since the time of Pastor Russell.

    According to the Watchtower's self-myth, Jehovah passes THEM and them alone a note intended for the anointed all over the earth. We only see the note after their EXTRA nonsense has changed it.

    “Did you deliver my message?” Jehovah might well ask.
    “Yep, you bet--sure did!”
    “Did you deliver it intact?”
    “Every word was there!”

    Obviously, if Jehovah were truly using Jehovah’s Witness leaders as a go-between, agent, or mediator and His divine communication was delivered dead wrong, the agent would be to blame, right?

    Not so fast!
    The problem is more complicated than that.

    An agent acting on behalf of his employer can create liability ruining the reputation and good standing of that employer.

    If a fast food franchise poisons customers, the corporation is sued for millions and the newspaper assigns blame to the Company NAME rather than the individual employees who may have violated health policies.

    Whose name is on the religion called JEHOVAH's Witnesses?

    Question: Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses excuse the FDS for poisoning millions of people around the world who eat the “Food at the proper time?”

    Think about it--they have NEVER taken the blame!

    Those of us who believed every word printed in the Watchtower publications have been fooled time and again can never lay the blame on the FDS because they point the finger of blame right back.
    The FDS seems to want us to pick and choose what to believe while threatening to DF anybody who actually exercises that choice.

    In effect, they tell us, "You shouldn't believe the stupid or wrong stuff we print--we're only human!"
    Jehovah's Witness members aren't really free agents. They are caught in a terrible bind. The MUST believe and act on what they print because THEY say it is a note being passed by Jehovah.
    When they have scribbled in their own corrupt changes--Jehovah is misrepresented--but there is nothing any member can do about it until they leave and don't come back.

    Pretty interesting Con-Game if you ask me.

    Notice a similar situation in the Catholic Church. It is not called Faithful and Discreet Slave channeling Jehovah's Truth. It is called Magisterium.

    "Christ has instituted the Magisterium to communicate His saving truth, the faithful should respond in docility and joy to the Church’s teaching out of love for Christ.

    Infallibility is a charism whereby the Holy Spirit protects the Magisterium from teaching error on matters of faith and morals. The Church exercises this charism when she teaches definitively, whether in a solemn manner (i.e., through the extraordinary Magisterium) or through the ordinary and universal Magisterium."

  • Finkelstein

    Simple and honest answer to that Terry is that they are and were corrupt self indulgent assholes who self avowed themselves to support the operations and activity of the publishing house of which they personally positioned as its top controlling leaders.

    All the previous GB and presidents were self supportive constructive liars and deceivers exploiting people's ignorance and insecurities to effectively support this publishing house and the continuing proliferation of its publications.

    Some people would aptly call this freewheeling unregulated fear mongering charlatanism.

  • Finkelstein

    Is it not reflectively interesting that the men who acquired the most accumulation of power and wealth toward themselves were the ones who authored the actual articles in the literature they published ?

    The people that they had allured through those publications became their associating friends ( subjective obedient workers) within the organization and they were rigidly enforced to obey all instructions laid out by these top controlling, albeit corrupt men.

    For people to position themselves within the organization such as an elder and further up the ladder, you had to show lengthy active loyalty to the top leading men, such as the GB or the previous past Presidents of the WTS.

    The WTS is a example of twisted cultivating power seeking for a few men who were more pressed to build up that assuming power around themselves on their own by proclaiming god had specifically chosen them to spread the good news of the Gospel .

    They proclaimed that they were more righteous and honest toward correctly interpreting the bible, that was their self avowed marketing strategy for themselves and the support of their own publishing company which they had the operating power over.

  • elbib


    You made the point. It is true even in its opposite sense. A comparison of the "faithful and discreet slave" in Mathew 24 and Luke 12 would show that it is the same "faithful and discreet slave" that later becomes "wicked" or abusers or exploiters. Yet they have not conveyed it, but conveyed exactly the opposite--just as happened in your school experience.

  • Finkelstein

    Since this organization got started from Pyramidology , wouldn't that make it the Evil Slave. ?

  • OnTheWayOut
    You can really analyze the shit out of something.
    You cock-blocked Greg. Simple as that.
  • atomant
    The Governing Baboons should have a name change for the watchtower and awake called BullshitBafflesBrains.
  • LV101

    Excellent, Terry - love your brain. Wish I could make copies and forward to witnesses.

    "Governing Baboons" - great one, atomant.

  • Terry
    I can see Jehovah handing the Governing Body a bucket of water to give to the thirsty in the congregations and just before doing so, the GB pissing in the bucket!

    Drink up!

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