Who Is The Most Unlike-Able Member Of The Governing Body?

by pale.emperor 15 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • NoviceLocs14

    I wanted to be different, so I voted for Sam Heard. Tony the Turd gives us a lot of comedic material, so I like him for that. But between Heard's humdrum voice, his imagined "appeal" and his disrespect for women, he takes the cake for me.

  • pale.emperor

    And the winner is... TIGHTPANTS TONY!!

    A winner by a landslide. It's interesting that nobody voted for Mark Sanderson. I expected more disdain for Gerrit Losch than for Stephen Lett to be honest.

  • Chook

    Big Tony actually believes he was hand picked by Christ, in his delusional state he dreams about how him and his mates will ride horses during the great battle killing children for for heavenly justice.

  • redpilltwice

    I voted Jeffrey for lying before the ARC!

  • sparky1

    I voted twice. (Sorry)For me it really is a tie between Tony and Mark. Mark Sanderson looks like my ex-pioneer partner, has that same stupid sneer/smirk and has an air of false humility about him.

  • vienne

    When I was young a relative introduced me to several of the governing body. I would have gone anywhere with John Barr and his wife. They were lovely, caring people. I don't know any of the current batch, and, while I have an opinion about the public speaking skills of one of them, I have no opinion about them.

    But my life isn't affected by any of them. I'm not a Witness, never was one. My experience with local elders is largely negative. So I can see why some here would see governing body members in a negative light.

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