Following Christ "from a distance."

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  • JW_Rogue
    Some believe that they are successful only if they get this privilege or that appointment. Such thinking is erroneous and can turn into an obsession. If you serve Jehovah faithfully wherever you are and whatever you do, you are a success.

    LOL...they really only add that for the brothers who are a little "off" who have no chance of ever being appointed. If you're not one of those, they will expect you to be reaching out.

  • Lieu

    What's Peter hanging back during the arrest have to do with "reaching out"? I'm confused????? Was he supposed to go intervene and get sandal stomped by Roman soldiers?

    But leave it to the COs to turn that whole situation into an incomprehensible negative.

  • LongHairGal
    I'm following Christ from a distance too....from the comfort of my home and away from the JWs!!
  • zeb

    FOG = Fear Obligation & Guilt.

     Peter was human and had seen the Roman soldiers way of dealing with offenders. Crucifixion was a common practice. Perhaps he was in a complete muddle as to what to do. If he jumped in then all of them and their women... would have fallen to the Roman barbarity.

    Yes he held back but he was not a liar....... 

  • FayeDunaway
    (Except those other three times when the cock crowed.....;-) 

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