"Explaining Your Beliefs About Homosexuality"

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  • Chook

    I'm a simple type person, I've seen plenty of animals such as dogs cows doing homosexual acts, I'm sure it's feels natural for the animals .

  • fulltimestudent
    wizzstick: Your sexuality doesn't have a switch you can throw! It's like if God suddenly said that a man should only sleep with a man. What would the heterosexual population do? Could they suddenly create homosexual feelings? No you morons! You can take anger management classes but you can't change your sexual feelings, you can only spend your life trying to ignore them and getting psychologically damaged in the process.

    Only partly true, I think!

    1. There is a descriptive category called "institutional homosexuality." It describes the situation where large groups of a single sex are located together. Think shipping, particularly in times past. And also prisons. And to a lesser extent single sex boarding schools. For women, think of harems in the past.

    Humans are adaptable, and in these situations humans rise or open (grin) to the situation.

    2. Culture: The Anglosphere seems more restrictive sexually than say Europe. Back in the day, restricted by my JW acculturation, I had to visit France and Germany for business. So I arrived in Essen, had a brief rest and went out to see what Essen was like. I was shocked to go past two male couples engaged in heavy kissing. A few days later I arrived in Paris, took the Metro to the station close to the hotel I was booked into, and again. at the entrance to the station, there was a male couple engaged in kissing each other in a prolonged and fond farewell.

    Since we are all human, I suggest the difference was that they lived in a culture that was less hostile to my own (Aust.) culture.

    I am not arguing that there is no internalised preference, such as is posited for male to male sexuality, and in my studies of say Japanese cultures and their gender behaviour, I've noted periods in Japanese history when M2M sex was extremely common. Professor G. Leupp (Tufts University, USA) in his book "Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan," argues that M2M sex was 'normative' at that time. Even if you understood that 'normative' in that era meant that 50% of males could indulge in sex with another male without any qualms, a problem is posed as to why so many of those men could be attracted to another man, as well as to women, and in our contemporary Anglosphere only maybe 7-10% are so attracted.

    A famous Japanese author of the era, Ihara Saikaku, does note that there was a core group, that he identifies as, 'women-haters' that refused sex with women, and they possibly correspond to the 'gay' males of today. Even so, because of our (anglosphere) culture many men who are likely in the exclusively gay (M2M) group, get married and function to an extent as heterosexuals, usually with less than satisfied wives.

    Another era with a similar acceptance to Tokugawa Japan, was Athenian (and other Greek cities) society, in the fourth/fifth centuries BCE. In Plato's 'Symposium', he uses a meeting of the leading men in the city, at a drinking party, together with their boyfriends, discussing the meaning of love. To understand the full irony, you must know of course, that their wives were all at home looking after their kids.

    There are other societies, cultures and time periods when there were similar differences to our own culture.

    So maybe, to be "gay" you must have something that does control your sexual attraction, limiting it to the same sex.

    But aside from that, perhaps its as I've attempted to describe, the mass of heterosexuals may be able to accept a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex if it is culturally driven, and that's why the subject of the other "gay" thread, at the moment is really wrong in what he says about bisexuality.

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    WT has started to put a No Crawl to keep bots off their sites, so it doesn't always work.
    That said, Here it is: https://web.archive.org/web/20160928231855/https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/family/teenagers/ask/is-homosexuality-wrong/

    So why would an organisation with it's prime mission being the spreading of the good news, that has also been touting jw.org as the best thing to ever hit the internet, that has spent so much time and resources translating content into hundreds of languages, that only last week in their WT study emphasised the critical need for everyone to hear the message NOT want bots to index the content and help make it show up in web searches?

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    Oscar Wilde — 'I have no objection to anyone's sex life as long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses.'

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Come and drink the water of life (tm) for 'free'*

    *) Temporary offer only. Normal fees from your local kingdom hall may be applicable. You can obtain and drink the water (tm) only when agreeing to our terms and conditions. You will be conditioned.

  • smiddy

    I have given my view on the post "Is homosexuality normal"

    Briefly it states :

    The Bible gives a distorted view of homosexuality as one of lust and sexual gratification .

    The reality is of a long time commitment in a loving relationship whether a male or a female union.

    Marriage between male and female is not without its disasters,and nothing to write home about.

    Males and females are known to be promiscuous in male/female marriages ,heterosexuals.

    Ignorant people hone in on the sex act of homosexuals ,ignoring the lifelong commitment of love and devotion these people have toward each other.

    They deserve to be recognised as equals in society.

  • slimboyfat
    Archived so they can never claim they didn't say these things.
    Good idea, they are bound to abandon this position at some point. To quote from them: "people can change".
  • steve2

    WT has started to put a No Crawl to keep bots off their sites, so it doesn't always work.

    Wifibandit, I'm slowly getting more internet savvy but I'm afraid you'll have to decipher this for me. What on earth do you mean by 'a No Crawl to keep bots off their sites'?

  • Crazyguy

    I believe science has discovered that 70% of the reason why someone is gay is do to DNA and in uterus environment. So with this being the case we have as much right to kill or shun or ostracize a gay person as we do to someone born with a birth defect or just abit different that what's considered normal.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    More bible-based bullshit.

    Homosexual people are attracted to - and fall in love with - the opposite sex.

    What the hell is wrong with that? Christ on a bike!

    I hope people lobby governments to crack down on the WTS.

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