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  • happy man
    happy man

    JW leaders in Sweden was very angry on the TV program about pedofile in org, they send out a bigg messege in evry sweed newspaper, wher they take upp one case and say this was a lie, so in public our leaeaders go out and say somone are lying, they never comment all other casese in TV program.

    In my cong evry JW say well now we now it was all lies,they can not go out widh lies in all newspapers.

    Today i have a messege that very sensationel things going to take place in sweden soon, Tv is not so happy about that JW go out telling that all they say was lying, before the Tv show was send 3 lawyer chek this program and say it was okey.

    So sudddenly the man behind this program a former JW ,have as he say some very sensationell info that he and TV will tell in a new program. What will hapend now, we have give peopel this paper widh info, in service, if this show upp to bee untruth, I think JW in sweden not will have so happy days, if some of our leaders say lies, we have to take the result, depressing fore all of us.

    I can also tell that evrything we have from our leaders is from broklyn , they say so in the letter we have to be read upp in the cong, iT IS TURNIG UPP TO TROMB i think.

  • Joyzabel

    wow, Happy Man,

    keep us informed on what goes on over there! I hope the Swedish government gets tired of the JWs and kick them out or ban then. But more importantly I hope the Swedish people see the cult like charactaristics the JWs display.


  • Francois

    So, happy man, is there an English language version of the newspaper you're talking about and is it on the Internet? Can you find out, can you discover it? I would like to read the story in English in your newspaper if there is an English version on the Net.

    What do you think?


  • Gopher

    It's about time that the JW's are exposed. They are afraid of the real facts. They want to project this "clean organization" image, while not taking care of the victims of child abuse in their own organization.

    If this sets back the growth of JW's in Sweden, perhaps they'll be less of a haven for pedophiles, and that will be good for children.

  • RunningMan

    Once again, we see the stupidity of the JW leadership. Taking out full page newspaper ads attacking molestation victims is dumb on so many levels. Not only does it reinforce the public perception that they are a cult that cares only about themselves, but they are now alienating the media, which has so much power to retaliate.

    This is what happens when your leadership consists of untrained yes-men.

  • blondie

    Posted by silentlambs.org

    Today in five newspspers Watchtower paid for half page ads to be ran. The three
    lagrest papers in Sweden refused to run the paid advertizement. It is estimated
    that over $5,000 of World Wide Work money was spent for each ad that did run.
    What did they run? The letter that was sent out to all congregations defaming
    Anders for appearing on the program. The letter is filled with misinformation
    and out right lies about the young man. These same papers are going to run for
    free Anders answer with "actual facts" to the paid smear campaign.

    Next time you contribute think about what your money is being spent for. Soon
    we will have scans of the newspaper ads as well as the letter sent to all

    Watchtower has crossed the line and now they are paying dearly. STV is goig to
    do another program and expose what they have done.

    You can review review the letter and 'actual facts' on the newletter section of
    the website and at "WT information" section of the website.

  • InquiryMan

    It is going to be a follow-up programme on Swedish television, lasting for some 15 minutes, that will most likely air next week. Also newspaper articles will follow, exposing the Watchtower coverup.

  • Warrigal

    Two visiting elders said that the newspaper reports and the television espose's were sensationalism and grossly exaggerated. Their faces got red when I asked why the reports of pedophilia in the Catholic Church were not exaggerations.

    The more publicity this issue gets...the Better!

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