We are imperfect

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  • HereIgo

    I can't tell you how many times I have heard this while growing up as a witness. Every time I questioned hypocrisy in the org I was told " well we are imperfect" and its was beyond annoying. At what point does "imperfect" turn into just NOT Christian? At what point are witnesses accountable for what they do? What is a good response for that situation when told that?

  • Wayward

    I HATED that excuse! Yes, we're all imperfect. We all screw up. BUT not all of us claim to be the faithful and discreet slave who is spirit-directed by god to make doctrine. Either god is directing you or you're a fallible human who opened your big fat mouth and put your foot in it. Can't have it both ways. Sorry, but you just can't.

  • Ding

    Several options come to mind:

    1. "At what point does Jehovah hold Witnesses accountable for hypocrisy instead of letting them / us get away with just saying they / we are imperfect?"

    2. "Isn't that the sort of excuse we hear all the time from the world / Christendom-- 'hey man, nobody's perfect'? Doesn't Jehovah hold his Witnesses / us to a much higher standard than that?"

    3. "Don't you think Jehovah hates hypocrisy? Certainly, Jesus seemed to."

    4. "Jesus always held the Pharisees to account publicly for their hypocrisy. Do you think Jehovah has lowered his standards for us / his people in these last days?"

  • Scully

    Try saying that when you get Invited™ to a Judicial Committee™. They'll DF you in a heart beat.

    So the GB is "made up of imperfect men" when they print what turns out to be erroneous material in publications that impact the lives of JWs everywhere. When they lie to their followers, in other words. Where is the Judicial Committee™ holding them to account?

    If they can't get their $h!t together and be truthful with JWs, why on earth do they deserve to be obeyed? What did god do when the Israelites started offering their sons and daughters to false gods, at the direction of the priests supposedly appointed by god? Didn't he abandon them? Didn't he tell honest-hearted people to stop listening to these false leaders?

  • Crazyguy

    The Bible said Job was perfect, so why can't we be perfect?

  • zeb

    when does imperfect become the excuse for arrogance leading to practised criminality.


    We are imperfect..

    What is a good response for that situation when told that..


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  • JunkYardDog

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  • Alive!

    It's kind of amusing in a warped way.

    And I like the OPs point re accountability - certainly, one wonders at what point would an indoctrinated JW have to concur that certain things surely fly in the face of being a spirit taught Christian....

    One example - just two decades ago, JWs were taught that if a 'wordly' person was delivered 'the ring of truth' by means of a Watchtower by a JW and at that same time was given 'a good witness' and rejected this - then they had received their chance of salvation and had rejected it and if they died the next day, there was no chance of a resurrection - they had been judged. Remember that anyone? Remember the sighs? 'Oh well, they've had a good witness' - What? A witness that Armageddon was coming within the lifetime of the generation that saw the events of 1914? For sure. Without doubt. Be warned.

    Tell me, on what level and at what point does the teacher/believer become accountable for spreading this lie about the salvation of God.

    Stop and think about it - it's downright wicked. To judge others like that.

    About time they owned this. I see no shame or despair that they misrepresented a 'God of truth' - nope. They are just imperfect men...really? How about the forgiveness that they bestow on themselves re such things be accounted to others who are not JWs.

    What is that scripture about judging others?

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