2020 Pioneer Seminar in German!

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  • Atlantis

    2020-Pioneer Seminar Video in German.

    This file was sent to us by an anonymous kind person. All files that are sent to Atlantis are re-named, and a different download link is generated from the link the sender used.

    This helps to protect the identity of the sender. If you have a confidential letter or file you would like to share, but are afraid of being caught, then please consider the following:

    When you send a BOE or confidential letter to Atlantis, these are the steps he takes to destroy any "hidden codes" that might be present in the letter you can not see.

    Prints out the letter.
    Re-scans the letter.
    Sends the re-scan to Adobe Acrobat Professional.
    Converts the scan from PDF to JPG.
    Converts the JPG back to PDF.
    Re-names the finished PDF.
    Uploads the PDF and gets a different download link.
    Then he raids the refrigerator!

    All of these steps help to destroy hidden codes that could be traced back to the sender.

    Now back to the Pioneer Seminar, If you want the link for the video, reply below and I'll swing by your pm box. The video is a little over 1 gigabyte.

  • Corvus

    Hi Petra,

    thank for you eager work!

    Today hardly imaginable I once was I pioneer. But I'm curious. Please...


  • Atlantis


    Delivered! Hi Corvus!



  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hi Petra and Atlantis!

    On behalf of almost everyone here, I thank you for your hard work in sharing the documents and videos that the Borg is so determined to hide from the rank and file.

    You'd think they'd be happy that lots of people want to redistribute their convention videos. That helps them reach many more people than might otherwise see them. But wait! They don't want thoughtful commentary, much less criticism, of their insidious message: "You must obey whatever we tell you, no matter what it costs you emotionally or financially. If we change those instructions tomorrow, you must forget that we ever put out the old instructions and explanations and immediately adopt the new ones as your own."

    And they certainly don't proof of those outdated instructions and explanations floating around for just anyone to discover. From their standpoint, there is good reason for this. Some of them are downright embarrassing. While widely accepted back in the day as societal norms, some of the positions they held back then are rightly viewed today as racist and condescending. Many of their paternalistic blatherings are very hard to read without cringing.

    Anyway, thanks again for all y'all do to get this information out while protecting the identities of your sources.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The many steps Atlantis takes to avoid any tracing leaked documents back to him or the actual sender reminds me of how Don Corleone of The Godfather was able to keep the authorities from linking/connecting him to the many mob killings he had ordered. :-) :-) :-)

    I have no problem sending you leaked documents should I get my hands on them...for sure!

  • Atlantis

    under the radar:

    Delivered! You said it! Believe what we say today, but next week it might be apostate doctrines! Oh brother, are they ever "Fruit Loops"! Then why isn't belief in a governing body apostate doctrine? Isn't belief in a governing body "old light" too?

    Thanks under the radar!




    JW GoneBad:

    Delivered! Pretty good example! Wait and I'll give grandpa a shout: (Hey grandpa, your not messing with the mob are you? Where did you get that Don Corleone wine from?) I knew he was up to something!

    Thanks JW GoneBad!



  • lexosa8221

    PM please! 😁

  • Atlantis


    Delivered! Oh good, lexosa is here! We can't do this work without lexosa!



  • kmdfs

    pm please :D

  • Magnum

    Petra, thanks for relating the steps Atlantis takes to remove any possibility of the org's finding out who sends material. And, to think, they say us old farts don't know much about new technology and such. I can tell Atlantis knows what he's doing; I understand the reasoning behind each step.

    By the way, I would like to be added to your list to receive new material. Do you send the material by PM or should I send you an email address?

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