Obey the Superior Authorities God says / God says Satan is controlling the Superior Authorities.?

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  • Fisherman

    In the Jewish religious beliefs, Satan is a good guy.

    Yes, in jewish theology, satan is only doing his job. Jews also believe that the book of job is allegorical, one of the "ketuvim" books of the Jewsih Bible (OT)

  • David_Jay


    It should be added that the statement you quote is by no means a representation of the complete Jewish view. In fact it is a bit of an oversimplification.

    Though this is an explanation of the Scriptural "Satan," it doesn't mean Jews believe him to be real. "Satan" is generally accepted as a metaphor for the evil inclinations in each of us and the challenges to full redemption of the world in Jewish theology. (See http://judaism.about.com/od/judaismbasics/a/jewishbeliefsatan.htm for more information.)

    Thus while the explanation you quoted is how the character is understood in Scripture, many Jews see this as a symbol used for a reality of human life, not an actual angel that is assigned by God to do "evil" in the world.

  • Vidiot
    At this point, "Jesus" and "Jehovah" may as well be metaphors, too.
  • smiddy

    Is their a get out of jail card clause with obeying or not obeying Rom. 13 : 1-7 ?

    And if so where is it ? What scripture ?

    My understanding of the above text is to obey the Superior Authorities because they are placed in their relative positions by Jehovah , and to disobey them , the Superior Authorities , you are going against the arrangement of Jehovah because he put this system in place.

    If you are not doing bad deeds , then comply with the Superior Authorities

    If you are doing bad deeds , be in fear of the Superior Authorities .

    Because it is Jehovah`s avenger.


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