who is wearing the pants?

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  • SpiceItUp

    I was thinking yesterday about women in the congregation not able to wear pants. Was there ever anything said in any article about this and what was their bible reasoning if so?


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Do you mean women not wearing pants under a dress? or, women not wearing a male style of pants?

    If you mean the former, then I'm all for it. No pants. No. Never. I'm sure I'll be able to rustle up a scripture to prove it. Just give me a bit of time. In the meantime I'll volunteer to do the checking for pants wearers of those sisters aged 16 to 40 (maybe with a few exceptions).

    cheeses - searching for..........

  • Vivamus

    Hmmm, interesting question, I would not really know Spicey. I do remember one talk given on stage about women's dresses [gawd, actually, I remember a lot of them, but no actual scriptures proving it], this particular brother emphasized the necessity of wearing long dresses, since Jehovah made long robes for Eve when she had sinned.

  • freedom96

    The WTS just wants to stay away from anything thougth to be "worldy." A woman who followed the latest fashions might have been tempted to wear pants when that became hip.

    Therefore, wanting to stay away from worldly trends, the WTS said no to wearing them at the hall.

  • LyinEyes

    I am not sure Spice, but I remember the reason they said men couldnt wear beards was it was not business like, this was back in the 70's of course.

    Now I know bankers , lawyers, doctors who have beards, goatees, dreads, ponytails, etc. and they are not looked upon as being a hippie or rebel agaisnt society.

    I always thought that was the reason they told us to wear dresses, because that is how the women dress in business and it was considered the only way to be dressed up.

    But now, look at all the First Ladies lately, pants suits are very common and a heck of alot more practical. Times have changed in the world but the JW's still are holding on to the 70's mode of thinking.

  • SheilaM

    When I was studying I was working at a fast food place, it was storming to beat the band, but I showed up so as not to miss a meeting. I was shunned by almost everyone because I had on pants it was a freakin uniform but they acted as if I were naked or somethin' I shoulda ran then

  • SpiceItUp

    I find it ironic that most pant oufit/suits that women wear are more modest than the dresses they have.

    So no one knows of any supposed scriptural reasons...

    hmmmppppfff....I think I'll confront my mom on this one and see what she says.....will let you all know next time I see her.

    thanks for the replies and if anyone does have their "reasoning" please post it.

  • happyout

    Sorry I can't think of the actual scripture, but there was one often quoted at my hall that said something about women not wearing the garb of men. Since everyone wore dresses back in those days, I'm not sure what the "garb of men" was, but it's there. Yet another reason I left that stupid, make up your own freakin' rules and stifle everyone else with them religion.


  • greven
    I always thought that was the reason they told us to wear dresses, because that is how the women dress in business and it was considered the only way to be dressed up.

    This is true. They used to look at buisiness clothes, problem is: they got stuck in the 1950's. Back then it was frowned upon for a woman to wear pants. Nowadays it is not. But still so regarded by the society as not modest. i think it will be hard to find a scripture as men in those times wore dresses too.



    Hey fair is fair, wouldn't you say?

    Women could not wear pants, because men were not allowed to wear dresses.

    I understand it better now.

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