Am I recalling this correctly? Ray Franz depicted in WT as dying at Armageddon?

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  • freddo

    I seem to recall years ago that someone posted some Watchtower "Art" with a typical wiping out the wicked at Armageddon scene - you know, city blocks crashing to the ground - guy with a gun, cars falling into crevices, and there was a middle aged guy with his eyeglasses/spectacles hanging off his face led dead in the foreground.

    It was suggested that in this was supposed to be Ray Franz. Not in words but in what the character drawn looked like. A sort of sick "in-joke" for Schroeder and Jaracz worshippers in the writing department.

    Am I dreaming this? Was it in the Revelation book or some WT article in the late 80's?

    I know this forum will not disappoint in it's response!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    No. You're not imagining anything. There have been many, many WT's and publications with countless people being swallowed up by the ground during the big A. What horrible, horrible images for children/young adults to absorb. Maybe that's why I'm so $#&@ed -up!!
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Hi freddo, interesting O.P.

    I remember the picture you refer to in the " Revelation" book. I had never connected the middle aged man as Ray Franz, but regardless of whether it was not, the important points are :-

    A) That an organisation can print such horrible images of adults and children being destroyed by God.

    B) That the organisations members, can look at such horrible pictures and get PLEASURE that there vengeful God would carry out such a slaughter.

    We should be glad, we questiond saw through the lies and left such an organisation.

    The Rebel.

  • stuckinarut2

    Interesting question! That would be a very sick jab if they intentionally did that or approved a picture depicting him being destroyed!

    Yes, it really is twisted to be JOYFUL about mass murder.

    And for each day that goes by, thousands more are born that are supposed to be destroyed (according to WT teachings)

    So the longer "God" waits, the MORE he gets to kill!!??

  • prologos

    Since Ray Franz must have been of the partakers, depicting him as dead would be scripturally correct, according to the latest "generation" light of the wt.

    Since all the "anointed" are raptured at that time, will not survive Armageddon, will pass away, why not picture their death?

    BSW, "Jesus" said the generation will not pass away. will survive. wt wrong, again, what else is new?

  • minimus
    I remember people chuckling that one guy looked like Franz. The art department was so awesome!😇😇

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