How do they get away with "New Light"?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    OC quoted this unknown apologist JW

    I can assure you that the study discipline of JW is readily comparable to a high-quality academic education in the US

    How he lies and how the Watchtower lies by using the deceptive statement! He sucks up to the Org and he is dishonest. Yet he is able to lie because very few JWs would realize what “scholarship” is.

    Scholarship involves finding and proving the authenticity of source material, motive for its creation, its context, past interpretation, archaeological finds, the historical cultural and political matrix, comparable texts and most importantly a discussion of the reasons why the assertion is not true. These are among some of the demanding criteria for evidence for any claim or statement in scholarly terms. It has to be available to others in the same academic field who will tear it to shreds if the rigorous standards of logic and consistency are not sustained.

    The JW cult leaders have created a dumb following who are trained by constant propaganda to believe whatever they are told without questioning it.

    HQ says "new light" and "God cannot lie" and the Witnesses believe and follow like sheep to the slaughter.

    There can be few large organisations (apart from other religions) which depend on so much bare-faced deception and lies as the JW org.

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