We are becoming champions of grief. We lost twin B.

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  • Darkknight757

    Last week we had a reassurance ultrasound with our OB. She was just supposed to check heartbeats on the two little ones and they were going strong! But because she had extra time and she can be quite anal about her work (which is a good thing) she decided to take some measurements. Twin A looked good at 16 and 1/2 weeks but twin B was measuring only 14 and 1/2 weeks. Concerned she scheduled us an appointment right away to see Dr. Our OB said that this is of concern with our two previous losses to start preparing for the reality that we are losing twin B.

    So Dr. decided to schedule us with our high risk OB to get some more information on what we can do if anything. That was last Thursday. Today we went to see our High risk OB and the associate did a quick ultrasound. Twin A looks ok but there was no movement with twin B, no heartbeat, and hardly any amniotic fluid. The associate was lost for words. He knows our history and he was very compassionate as was our high risk Dr. who sat us down and held my wife's hand and told her it's not her fault.

    My poor wife. Personally I'm numb at this point. I just want to sleep. Damn it all. We still have hope with twin A but I'm just waiting to hear more bad news as this seems to be our luck when it comes to pregnancy.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I'm so sorry, Darkknight.

    There are no words, but we who have experienced this know the numbness, the helplessness.



  • ToesUp

    Oh no Darkknight, we are SO sorry. You both have been through so much! We are thinking of you both. Hugs to you and your wife.


    Mr. & Mrs. Toes

  • snowbird

    So very sorry.


  • just fine
    just fine

    Sorry for your loss.💐

  • ILoveTTATT2

    That's all I can say. =(

  • cofty

    I'm very sorry. My best wishes to you and your wife.

  • contramundum

    So sorry

  • KiddingMe

    I am so sorry.

  • steve2

    Sad to hear this, DarkKnight. I can't imagine how tough this must be on you and your wife. In my thoughts.

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