Insulation fell from the sky today

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  • SheilaM

    Tonight has been really scary, we have been in Thunderstorms for hours. Just got our electricity back on it's been off since around 4:00 or so. The tornado hit not to far from us, I saw the funnel forming and pointed it our to Chris. I took cover in the hallway while Thunder (the storm lover) stood outside. We had all sizes of hail the largest was between a golf ball and baseball. It hit on Broadway on Englewood which is so close no more than 3 miles.

    I use to be terrified of tornado's when I was a witness now I just get nervous. We were standing outside since it looked clear then all of a sudden there was a swirling wind and it looked like fall with leaves raining down. It was insulation and debris from the tornado. I tried to call 911 to report that a funnel was somewhere close we had no phone, no cell phone. I FREAKED and ran to our neighbors to cower in the basement. (THUNDER STAYED OUTSIDE GEESH) we were very lucky.

    Anthony was at the movie and thank god was OK, Melanie is OK also she was in her basement she listened to her Mom and took cover.

    There was one death so far in Kansas City and the county over in Kansas was almost destroyed it is so sad.

    I hope PR Capone is OK and Robdar

  • Sunspot

    Let me throw a long, large warm hug out to you in Kansas, Sheila! Weather-related "stuff" can be SOOOOO frightening, I guess, because of how unpredictable it is.

    I know about the "phone" problem, we just underwent something scarey out here in upstate NY, and our phones were dead, too. Ya just feel SO helpless, I know!

    I'm glad you're okay......and hope the others are too.

    I don't want to "steal your thunder", or minimize the import of your situation, so I'll wait and post later on, about OUR nightmare that occurred a few weeks ago up here.

    Mother Nature must have PMS!

    Stay safe,

    More hugs cuz ya probably NEED'em,



    Don't ever end that thread my dear.

    Glad to read that you are well. I just read on the news websites about an outbreak of some rather unusually destructive and devastating tornadoes.

    Glad you are fine.

    I'm sure, we'll be experiencing on a minor scale some of that by the end of May, or first of June.

    Take care SheilaM - always wishing for you and your family to be safe and sound at ALL TIMES!

  • SheilaM

    Sunspot: Thank so much for your hugzzz we are in Missouri just over the river. Kansas was hit hard too. The one that hit here in Gladstone picked up momentum and by the time it hit Liberty it was an F4. I can't wait to hear your story.

    Razor: Thank you so much best to you as always

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sheila, I'm glad you guys are okay. Nina and I were watching the news yesterday when they showed a big red thingie over your neck of the woods and we were a little worried for you. I probably would have been outside with Thunder. I love watching storms.

    I've lived in Texas for 36 years and I've only seen a funnel cloud once. Never have seen a tornado.

  • SheilaM

    BigTex: Is it a guy thing or something. See I look at it this way I don't want to be on the evening news as the idiot in the yard while the tornado hitLOL You crack me up!!!! You and Thunder are so much alike.

    Thank you for your concern it was scary. A girl in the art class lost her entire home.

    I could go forever without ever seeing another funnel, I was ticked I was out of film I could have taken some wicked pictures

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