Gorby wishes you a happy convention! (picture)

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  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby has been offline from JWD for some weeks, and it made my situation not better, have had some serious problems with the fading, much pressure, I have nothing new to say, it must be very similar to the situation of many faders here.

    So, I had so much pressure, that we have had to change our holiday booking so we are able to visit the convention, due to family reasons, you all know what I mean.

    Please wish me (and us) much luck for this summer. It is not my best summer season in life.

    This is how I feel:

  • bohm

    Hi, Sorry that your fade has run into problems, are you fading with your wife or is that the problem?

    That picture cracks me up. someone should add thought bubbles to that picture.

  • Gorbatchov


    There is a lot pressure from the wider family that has a lot of influence in our house. Because it is a special international convention with a lot of activity around it, the last convention in a stadium before it is centralized into a JW convention hall, because we didn't attend last year, because the end is so near.

    For one or another reason the atmosphere here has changed to serious.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    I am determined to not attend the convention program, but with 3 spare days on my hand (wife still in) I might take my motor bike and ride to the convention anyway to see some friends and family during intermission.

    If you would happen to be at the northernmost convention as well, I'd be happy to chat with you after intermission to distract you a bit from the bunker videos :-)

    In any case, good luck. Bring ear plugs and a good book. Maybe whiskey and a cigar as well ;-)

  • Gorbatchov

    Hi Anders,

    We attend the Utrecht convention. I think about it to download Ray Franz to my Ipad. And James Penton. Good read. And Richard Singelenbergs 1975 research, for these bunker times.


  • LisaRose

    I feel for anyone that has to attend the convention. To give you all something to do I have prepared a Convention Buzz Word Bingo game for you. Just listen for the JW buzzword, check off the box and try to get five in a row.


    This bingo card has the words: Undeserved Kindness, Jehovah's Chariot, The Last Days, Self Sacrificing Spirit, The Great Tribulation, Faithful and Discrete Slave, Spiritual Paradise, System Of Things, Worldwide Work, Dis- fellowship, Wait on Jehovah, Satan The Devil, Bad Association, Headship, Bible Trained Conscience, Reaching Out, The Light is Getting Brighter, Independent Thinking, Living Provision, Mental Regulating, Unconditional Love, Weak in The Truth, Apostate, Pioneer

  • Robo Bobo
  • wannaexit

    Well, if its any consolation Gorby, I will be thinking of you when I am sitting listening to the convention I have to attend. :(

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I see more empty seats than I do JWs. Reminds me of what attendance is like in most Kingdom Halls. :):)

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ...and look at those faces....talk about absolute boredom! :) :)

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