Thank you WT!

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  • Mandrake

    Well here's the thing... My brother-in-law needed some marketing boost for his dental clinic (I'm a dental student by now, her sister, my girlfriend, also), so I designed some brochures and today they were ready at the print studio.

    I told him... "look, I spent 20 years in that cult, they have a VERY BORING message, and they still managed to achieve 7M or more adepts, so I will distribute this brochures in the area this way: just like in field service, drawing some territories and "preaching" block by block... just to know were and when our advertising is being delivered"

    So I started preaching the "dental good news", It was so easy compared to field service!!! everyone were very receptive in the clinic's neighbourhood (it's in a downtown area in Santiago, CL). He's very pleased of the "professional" approach on delivering our flyers around the area, I have to admit that I used the "persuasion" skills from the field service, but not having to use any fallacy, just our clinic's rates, approach to treatment and etc...

    So, thank you WT for the know how!!!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Target, Identify and Educate.

    I think the beauty of your marketing is that:-

    A) As a dental student your age gives credibility to door knocking. ( it might appear desperate if a middle aged dentist adopted the same approach?)

    B) Cost effective.

    C) Targets those close to the practice, that are more likely to need or make use of your dental praxtice.

    D) Educates those people about the practice in a very open and friendly way.

    E) Allows you to get informed on the competition. ( This can often give you the correct time frame to do a " return call")

    Hope the exercise generates a great client base.

  • freddo

    Every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Mandrake

    Yes the rebel! I was able to answer many many questions about treatments and it seemed people did believe! :)

  • Zoos

    Once the Watchtower plaque is removed and recalcification allows our true enamel to shine through, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. No more need for analgesia, no need for the support of abutments, for gone is the abscess of our cult indoctrination, our cavities filled with knowledge, our root canals full of courage... we go therefore, and....

    ... do whatever the EFF we wanna do!

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Mandrake, help me get more footage of Kingdom Halls in Chile with the flag this September 18th!


  • scratchme1010

    Mandrake, I relate to your story. I used the same skill I got from the WT when I was doing HIV/AIDS prevention outreach. Even that unpopular subject was an easier sell than the WT nonsense.

  • Nevuela

    (I'm a dental student by now, her sister, my girlfriend, also),

    Who is the "her" you're referring to? You've only mentioned a brother-in-law up to this point.

  • Mandrake

    Nevuela, maybe I didn't expressed myself clearly because I'm a spanish native speaker so my punctuation instinct seems to be more suited for spanish than english, and also my english grammar is developing right now as I'm using the language more for communicating in this forum and reading all the english content that I can hahahaha!! The thing is that I'm a dental student, and my girlfriend also is (we met at university). My girlfriend's brother is the clinic-owner, in other words "my boss", (we three are very close and do a lot of stuff together), so it's been three people all the time, my brother in-law, her sister that is my girlfriend and me.

    ILoveTTATT2, it seems that authorities have been more relaxed in the flag thing over the last couple of years, specially after 2010 was our bicentennial celebrations, years before that and that one in particular everyone had out flag hanged... Anyhow I will be paying attention to some halls I know and upload pictures if a catch them or even better: Bethel with our shiny flag on top!!!

    scratchme1010 everything is better than actual FS!!!

    Zoos are you in the dental field also? May the Great Odontoblast bless you and deliver you from periodontal pathogens! Or are you a well informed patient?
  • Zoos
    Zoos are you in the dental field also?...Or are you a well informed patient?

    Actually, I googled "dental terminology" ... and went from there.

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