How Important to You Is Being Married Or Staying Single?

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  • minimus

    I have friends that pretty much NEED to be in a relationship. If they aren't with somebody, they are miserable. If they are in a relationship, they are unhappy.

    Do you feel that you need to be n a relationship or are you content to be single.

  • cognac

    Miss it right now but not in the past. I doubt I'll ever really be in a committed relationship and don't really want to be anymore. I don't think there should be anything wrong with that either just like it shouldn't be looked down upon if you don't want kids. Do what makes you happy.

  • cognac
    And, no, I highly doubt I'll ever get married again. That's just crazy to me... 😂😂😂😂
  • Landy
  • cognac
    Landy - Just made a thread bitching about that, lol. But, you are so right. Better to be single then with someone and alone. It's heartbreaking and I know the feeling well...
  • Xanthippe
    Since having the single life forced on me I've realised that all relationships are a trade off between what you want and what the other person wants. Loneliness is always a factor of course. If the loneliness is very painful I can understand someone wanting to hook up with a new partner. For myself the loneliness in not too bad, most days, and I kinda like doing exactly what I want :) I'm not sure I want to give it up now.
  • Phizzy

    I love Mrs Phizzy with all my heart, and would be a useless LUMP without her, she makes me what I am, a useless Lump, no, only joking.

    I don't think I would ever wish to be alone, I am gregarious, and need someone to laugh at my jokes, and someone to do the washing !

    It was my biggest fear on leaving the JW CRAP that Mrs Phizzy would leave me. She didn't, she is wonderrful.

  • Landy
    She didn't, she is wonderrful.

    Yeah, I've got one of them as well. 25 years this year.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Min:

    Thanks for asking. I have lots of friends, and this takes the edge off loneliness.

    When I'm down, lamenting the sheer sadness of unrequited love, I write poetry . . .



    Deep, deep in the cellar of my soul, there lurks a want,

    an untold want that clung to me before seeping into

    the confines of a heart bereft of all joy, all hope.

  • OneFingerSalute

    The only way being single (IMO) is a poor choice is in the very narrow definition of what a single person can do for recreation in the JDub religion.

    If you choose to be single you automatically remove at least one half of the oh so "loving" congregation as associates. Remember, according to WT men and women cannot associate without jumping in the sack for some mattress acrobatics. Of course you will then feel like a third wheel because most everyone else is married (usually miserably). Besides who wants to hang around with squabbling people?

    For me being true to myself, enjoying a wide range of people both male and female on a completely friendly level is the most important. However the greatest majority of my female associates are not JDub's for very good reason. And if one of my single woman friends happens to want some very discreet extra attention, well that is like icing on the cake.

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