Will the talk where They say treat inactive ones as apostates back fire?

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Well if my relatives they try this on me, then I consider it no loss. The alienation of the members of a dysfunctional, conditional love, hypocritical organization does not bother me. I have lots of friends outside of this WT cult that I do not need or seek their approval. Seems to me that over the years there are a number of the relatives that treat me differently if I ever run into them, so be it.

  • Stirred

    It seems new to me or maybe I'm just taking things different now. My take is that inactive ones are to be assumed as wrong-doers and pre-emptively shunned as if DF. That seems way more intolerant and bully like than what I heard last xouple years and that started me to awaken faster.

  • stillin

    In this religion, even if they're wrong about something they say it was right for the time period. New light outshines old light, we wash our hands of all the wrong things we did while we believed the mistaken thing, which really wasn't a mistake because it's what Jehovah wanted us to think. Then we erase the record so that nobody can quote from one of our inspired articles which is no longer accurate because the GB took a closer look, prayed about it and BAM! Now we got it right!

    Taking notes about assembly talks does not give a person the right to start behaving differently. The actual article must be released which will clear up any misunderstandings which may have come from listening to the talk.

    are you still listening?

  • poopie
    Publishers will shunning until wt says you will die at armegeddon if you keep showing love to df and inactive

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