Witness Carts - A Vehicle for Significant Decline

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  • davidmitchell
    • Desirousofchange: "The style of door-to-door witnessing that is done here is actually easier than cart witnessing..."

      Surely even they must recognize the clear demonic significant of travelling while following the pentagram?

  • freddo

    And while the pioneers and uber publishers do the metropolitan carts; they and the average joe's do the congregation carts and the only ones left doing door knocking are the "looked down on" 4 hours or less per month stammerer's stutterer's and cant be bothered semi-awake ones!

    If the UK and the western world (or even the Worldwide figure) doesn't show a minus figure in the yearbook next time I just know the figures are being cooked!

  • tiki

    The cart thing was one of the most lame things they ever instituted....and if the printed page goes the way of the dinosaur what use is house to house...no literature to leave....no placements...no bloated field service reports....the name witness implies speaking testifying...verbal transfer of information. Carts that just so stupid. Who wants to sit on a street corner for hours on end....crazy people.

  • KateWild

    Good thread. I think the decline is due to multiple things, but certainly trolley preaching is a factor.

    I haven't spoken to them in a while. But when I do they usually seem keen to converse and they haven't spoken to anyone else.

    Kate xx

  • hoser

    Like Freddo said. Cart witnessing creates class distinctions among the Jws. Metropolitan witnessing is for kingdom evangelizer grads, cart witnessing is for pioneers and well spoken of publishers. Door to door is reserved for slackers and undercover apostates.

  • jwleaks


    See: Munters, Q. T. “Recruitment as a Vocation: The Case of Jehovah's Witnesses.” Sociologica Nearlandica 7 (1971): 88-100.

    ELIAJW (Explain like I'm a JW) i.e. "One sociologist wrote ..."

    Munters, Q. T. (1971). “Recruitment as a Vocation: The Case of Jehovah's Witnesses.” Sociologica Nearlandica 7: 88-100.

  • NewYork44M

    Perhaps the carts are another means of weeding out all but the highly committed. I noticed that the videos from the regional conventions have little wiggle room. They want followers to all be in the category of super dubs. F*&k the rest of the followers.

    Every follower is a potential liability. So shrinking the ranks is a good thing.

  • JWdaughter

    Cart witnessing is a slap in the face to every JW who has ever justified the importance of their d2d ministry because Jesus supposedly did it and told his followers to do it. It was critically significant to a JW to demonstrate that they have/are the truth. Now they literally have human billboards sitting on a park bench with a WT displayed in lap as they ignore passersby and gossip with the partner, who is similarly adorned with an awake. They are not even able to pretend there is any preaching involved. They are literally just magazine racks. This is what it's come down to. They are human beings! They are aware of how ineffective they are. I think it must be heartbreaking for the older ones, some who have shunned family, to see what it is. Cognitive dissonance may keep them from acknowledging it out loud, but the numbers will be telling. I think even they see now how stupid the entire thing has become. Most in other religions share their faith, they don't offer magazine's, and JWs are subject to witnessing about Jesus all day long by faithful followers. They are hard pressed to justify the WT way of things. Cart witnessing is just another nail in the WT coffin.

  • Vidiot

    NewYork44M - "...Every follower is a potential liability, so shrinking the ranks is a good thing."

    I been sayin' that for years.

    They're downsizing the publications, number of meetings, property holdings, the ministry...

    ...stands to reason they'd wanna downsize the rank-and-file, too.

  • NewYork44M

    Vidiot, the Watchtower wealth no longer relates to donations from the r&f. The Wt has transformed into a property manager where they make money flipping properties. Build with free labor - sell at market rates, repeat, repeat, etc...

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