Mine is the last voice you will ever hear. Dont be alarmed.

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  • Pleasuredome

    Action After Warnings and Casualties was a Public Information Film which was part of the UK Government's Protect and Survive series. The film informs members of the public what they should when they hear the different warning sounds indicating nuclear attack, fallout and the all-clear and what they should do with the bodies of any members of their families who die whilst in the fallout shelter. It would have been shown repeatedly on all TV channels and played on all radio channels in the days of tension leading up to a nuclear war.

    click here to listen to Action After Warnings http://www.cybertrn.demon.co.uk/atomic/action.ram

    click here to listen to Casualties http://www.cybertrn.demon.co.uk/atomic/casualties.ram

  • bebu

    ?? This is humor ??

    I didn't listen, BTW. ...Was there irony in the recording?? Perhaps I missed something here...

  • Pleasuredome

    not only is the irony in trying to survive nuclear fallout, but the way it was presented is quite funny to listen to, imo.

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