Evolution is a Fact #17 - Belyaev's Silver Foxes

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  • cofty

    The sound of silence........

    What specifically is a kind?

  • Phizzy

    TheWT/JW "Insight" book says in the article "Kind" :

    " ......the boundary between kinds is to be drawn where fertilization ceases to occur"

    I don't see that this differs at all from the definition of "Species" : " A species is often defined as the largest group of organisms where two individuals are capable of reproducing fertile offspring, typically using sexual reproduction."

    I don't know if Perry would define "kind" any differently, but whatever, he probably doesn't have an appreciation for where the effects of Natural Selection get to a point where animals can no longer breed. Where a new Species, or Kind is born.

    No Creator involved.

  • cofty
    We will never know because creationists only do hit-and-run. If they did conversation there is a danger they might learn something.
  • Simon

    Fascinating that the physical attributes were linked to behavior like that beyond the obvious (like a hunter needing claws / talons / big teeth).

    I guess we will never get a saber-tooth domestic cat then ...

  • Mephis
    Imagining the crazy world of resurrecting that species somehow , I think a certain amount of natural selection tends to weed out the human gene pool when it comes to trying to domesticate animals which view humans as dinner...

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