Losing My Religion

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  • blondie
    This is the Modus Operandi of many JW's -- inquire through their network about you (as if talking to you might be scary or harmful), instead of calling you up personally and say "hey I miss you, how are you doing...wanna go to lunch sometime?"

    Gopher, this is in my top 5 pet peeves about JWs. My husband would tell the ones who inquired about me to him that they should call me and see how I am. No one ever called and it was irritating to him. One brother did it twice in one week and my husband said, "Do I look like a telephone? Why don't you call her like I suggested on Thursday if you are really concerned about her?" That brother slunk away embarrassed but never called me.

    It is just one big gossip mill at the KH. They are so bored they feed off the lives of others, whether the information be true or not.


  • gitasatsangha


    I think the JW's get baptism confused with an initiation rite, which Baptism is not exactly. Baptism is a symbollic event, but does not necessarilly "make" a person something. But because of that the JW Baptism is more of a sign of becoming a JW and of accepting the Governing Body as faithful and discreet slave. As such it's not really in of itself the same as a Christian baptism to my thinking. They do stress dedication in the heart, but I must wonder what that dedication was too. They work so hard at making people disbelieve the divinity of Jesus that I have a hard time thinkinf of JWism as a Christian religion. It really is a religion all on its own.

  • rocketman

    Blondie and Gopher - I have received no calls from any jws save one in the past year (a long-time friend of mine with whom I still get together on occasion), with the exception of elders who keep coming around (they don't call, they just show up in their new quest to find inactives). Yet, I was told by my sister that several of 'the friends' were concerned about me and missing me. But no calls from them. That's because, as you both mentioned, that's not really what they want to do. It's simply a matter of them wanting to find out what's going on, a matter of gossiping about another person behind their back.

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