Worship of Men?

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  • HereIgo

    I remember when I was in as a teenager, some time around 2006, Samuel Herd of the Governing Body came to dedicate our newly built hall. I remember bumping into him accidentally and a brother pulled me aside and half jokingly and half seriously telling me that I should be more careful around Jehovah's anointed ones. It was quite comical to say the least. What examples of JW's putting men on a pedestal have you seen?

  • lancelink

    Back in 1980 a member of the governing body, ( His last name was Glass) dedicated the new Crystal lake, Illinois hall.

    people acted like a movie star was in our midst, and several of the elders seemed to be star struck around him.

    He was a very good speaker, but the intensity of admiration that was shown to him actually made me feel uneasy.

    And being an older man himself, he tried to come across like an average guy, but the elders made sure that EVERYBODY knew how awesome he was.


    What examples of JW's putting men on a pedestal have you seen?

    WatchTower Gods Have Their Own TV Show!

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  • LongHairGal


    I find this creature worship very revolting and I don't think I could be in the same room with idiot Witnesses fawning over any governing body member.

  • Chook

    Jws used to pride themselves saying their leaders were unknown entities , not now welcome to internet tv and the rockstars of Warwick , their mystic persona has disappeared. This is a circus bonanza for the dear sheep to observe and really see the men chosen personally by god to run his earthly show. These of all men on earth are the only ones who can interprete scripture and are entrusted to convey gods directions. These are the guys who destroy families through hard line DF practices and they are the supposed to rule the world from heaven , well what a lovely place the earth would be , dress codes for taking a shower would be the likely outcome.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    q) What examples of J.Ws putting men on a pedestal have you seen?

    A) We had a weird brother, he never worked, nor supported his wife, but lived on his allotment, made wine from grapes he trod on with his feet in the bath, and on the ministry or at the K.H I noted he always stunk of garlic. I could go on all day about his eccentricities, but I will finnish with a comment he often made to me " I don't want you or the brothers to put me on a pedestal"

  • Nevuela

    I thought the name was Here I go, not Here L go? Confused.

  • tiki

    Didn't take a higher up necessarily....how they would fawn over a new circuit overseer was plenty gaggable...I remember one who came...the guy was abominable imho...his opening talk he was making fun of the cong...people he didn't even know. I was so appalled I never bothered to meet him...but there was a drooling crowd around him after the meeting.....

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Q) What examples of J Ws putting " men" on a pedestal have you seen.

    A) " Women" can also be put on a pedestal. Single elderly sisters who attend and participate at every meeting, and never miss an opportunity to be on the ministry, are often used as a guilt trip.

    Sadly when they get too old to be of use, they tend to get forgotten. However when they die, if they owned property guess who likely inherits?

    A) The Watchtower

    B) The Watchtower.

    Answer :-

    The Watchtower.

  • jambon1

    Saw some repugnant fawning over Daniel Sydlik at a convention here.

    These days I find it incredible that anyone would fawn over the governing body members. Guys like Lett & Morris are clearly mentally ill, imbalanced weirdos.

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