So When Do You Think The Watchtower Sign Will Come Down in Brooklyn?

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  • Wild_Thing

    I think we should have a street party in Brooklyn when it happens! It would be a "tearing down of the Berlin wall" type of celebration! I would totally fly to New York for that! I'll be the bartender. We will need a band. Maybe somebody will want the buy the letters and rearrange them and display them somewhere else to say ... WE THROW CAT .... or CHEW AT WORT.

    Gppd times.

  • Chook

    Yes I think it's worth a party, but the problem lies in it will rise at Warwick , at least on cows see it their.

  • Diogenesister

    Im not sure but I think it is part of the fixtures ....I know in an article on the sale they were querying whether the new owners would keep the 'iconic' sign in-situ.

  • darkspilver

    Well, it was a 'Squibb' sign before WT took over the building

    It's a classic New York style sign - I reckon the new owners will just replace it with a new name in the same style.


    The sign for Kentile Floors, on Ninth Street in Gowanus, harks back to a time when Brooklyn was synonymous with industry — and probably asbestos.

    The Eagle Clothing sign, visible from Second Avenue in Gowanus, is another example of classic sign — one that reminds our editor’s dad of suits he once purchased.

    This “. R” sign in Red Hook, at the intersection of Delavan and Richard streets, is our favorite. It once said “E.J. Trum,” for a paper product manufacturer. A furniture store took its place and tried to tear down the letters — but the R and one of the periods remain.

  • Wild_Thing

    I think we should all stand outside and sing while they take it down ... waving our beers in the air .... it would probably sound this bad ... :)

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